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Illustration by Craig Ward TestBase Vanguard Offline SoftBase Vanguard Integrity Professionals Designed to help IBM DB2* shops test new database applications faster and with fewer resources, TestBase version 5.1.0 includes several features to enable faster manipulation of test data, database archiving, enhanced performance with large data sets and improved usability. These include: The Vanguard Offline simulation-testing application is designed to reduce Resource Access Control Facility (RACF*) errors and problems within IBM System z* production environments. It enables security administrators to: s s s s s s s 3UPPORT FOR LONGER NAMES UP TO CHARACTERS 3UPPORT FOR $" 6 FUNCTIONS %DITING OF DATA IN TABLES WITHOUT INDEXES 3UPPORT FOR )MAGE #OPY %XTRACT 5SE OF THE $" 5NLOAD UTILITY 0ARTITIONED 3LICE TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE WITH LARGE DATA SETS s s s R OS SUPPORT: All versions of z/OS* and DB2 V10 and below R PRICE: Variable R URL: ADVERTISER INDEX R OS SUPPORT: z/OS* V1.13 and 2.1 when available R PRICE: Variable R URL: PAGE Advanced Software Products Group Inc. // 35 ColeSoft Marketing Inc. // 4EST AND ANALYZE HOW NEW 2!#& COMMANDS will impact users and production processes %XECUTE COMMANDS AGAINST A COPY OF THEIR RACF database 2ECEIVE REPORTS ON ACCESS THAT WAS CHANGED 0ERFORM WHAT IF ANALYSES ON 2!#& DATABASES to create specific profiles PAGE Relational Architects International Inc. // 3 25 Rocket Software // C2 Compuware // 7 Share Organization // 26 DTS Software Inc. // 17 Software Diversified Services // 33 SUSE // 9 CONTACT THE SALES TEAM IBM Webinar // 13, 27 Innovation Data Processing // C4 Trident Services // 5 Jolly Giant Software Inc. // 4 Voltage Security Webinar // 15 MVS Solutions Inc. // 1 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Mari Adamson-Bray (612) 336-9241 ASSOCIATE SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST AND ASIA-PACIFIC Lisa Kilwein (623) 234-8014 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST AND CANADA Kathy Ingulsrud (612) 313-1785 ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, MIDWEST AND EUROPE Darryl Rowell (612) 313-1781 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 // 39

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2013

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: On the road with analytics
IBM Perspective: Extending IBM's commitment to big data and analytics
Trends: IBM Capacity Management Analytics for zEnterprise cost-effectively ensures optimal performance
IT Today: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4.1 expands the value of high-performance analytics
Case Study: The State of Consolidation: Oklahoma improves service levels by consolidating its IT on zEC12
Cover Story: Big Data's Big Impact: zEnterprise hybrid technology helps redefine business analytics
Feature: The System z Crystal Ball?: Teach the mainframe to predict the future using analytics and automation
Tech Corner: Alternative metrics deliver a more complete view of hardware for server RFPs
Administrator: QMF extends its analytics capabilities to help meet the demands of big data and mobile
Solutions: TestBase; Vanguard Offline
Stop Run: Historic property has much to teach retired IBMer
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - November/December 2013