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ADMINISTRATOR TURNED UP to 11 QMF extends its analytics capabilities to help meet the demands of big data and mobile BM DB2* Query Management Facility* (QMF*) Enterprise Edition V11 has extended the reach of its predecessors by adding new and sophisticated analytics capabilities to the enhancements provided by QMF 10. These include graphical queries and reports, highly interactive dashboards (see Figure 1, page 37), new analytics functions, and extensions to the user interface, such as mobile device support. I Mike Biere is a senior product specialist for Rocket Software and a former IBM marketing manager for BI. Over the years, QMF has been a mainstay query and reporting solution for many clients. The emergence of numerous business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions from various sources has driven QMF development to significantly enhance the product. QMF 11 Highlights In light of big data initiatives, QMF 11 offers enhanced text analytics as well as extensions for graphical and statistical analysis for the host timesharing option (TSO) user. It now supports access to numerous data sources heretofore unavailable, including JDBC access to relational data (e.g., Oracle, Sybase, Informix*, SQL Server) and non-relational data such as IMS*; and online analytical processing access via XML for Analysis (XMLA) to sources like Oracle Essbase, Microsoft* Analysis Services and SAP Business Information Warehouse. QMF now reaches into the business user community with new functions and a dramatically enhanced user interface. Some of its benefits are: as a Web service or integrated with other applications, such as a corporate portal. QMF can be easily integrated with other business analytics offerings. Ā * Ã Ã Ã UDSKLFDOÃTXHULHVÃDQGÃUHSRUWVÃÃ Ā ( Ã ÃÃÃ QKDQFHGÃVXSSRUWÃIRUÃWKHÃ business user Ā ' Ã ÃÃÃ DVKERDUGVÃDQGÃNH\Ã performance indicators Ā $ Ã ÃÃÃ GYDQFHGÃDQDO\WLFÃIXQFWLRQVÃ and analysis Ā Ã ÃÃÃ '%&ÃDFFHVVÃWRÃDQ\ÃUHODWLRQDOÃ database management system ĀÃÃÃ XOWLGLPHQVLRQDOÃDQDO\VLVÃGDWDÃ Ã 0 support via XMLA Ã ÃÃÃ SHUDWLRQDOÃ%,ÃHJÃ,06Ã Ā 2 Adabas, etc.) Ā + Ã ÃÃÃ HWHURJHQHRXVÃGDWDEDVHÃDFFHVV Ā Ã ÃÃ)HGHUDWHGÃGDWDÃ Ā Ã ÃÃ0RELOHÃGHYLFHÃVXSSRUW QMF in an Enterprise Architecture The workstation and Webbased components fit well within an enterprise's architecture. The workstation component is written in the Java* language based on the Eclipse platform. The Web component may be embedded 36 // NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 IT managers are keenly interested in delivering low-cost, highvalue business analytics to users throughout the enterprise. However, the solutions they promote must adhere to corporate technology standards and be deployable to a wider range of end users than ever before. QMF may be deployed under System z*, CICS*, TSO, Linux* on all platforms, Microsoft Windows*, and Mac OS X. Its costs are based on a known metric as a feature of DB2 for z/OS* but may be deployed on any supported platform at no additional cost. Both System z technology and new workstation/Web components contain a deep set of administration functions that

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Editor's Desk: On the road with analytics
IBM Perspective: Extending IBM's commitment to big data and analytics
Trends: IBM Capacity Management Analytics for zEnterprise cost-effectively ensures optimal performance
IT Today: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4.1 expands the value of high-performance analytics
Case Study: The State of Consolidation: Oklahoma improves service levels by consolidating its IT on zEC12
Cover Story: Big Data's Big Impact: zEnterprise hybrid technology helps redefine business analytics
Feature: The System z Crystal Ball?: Teach the mainframe to predict the future using analytics and automation
Tech Corner: Alternative metrics deliver a more complete view of hardware for server RFPs
Administrator: QMF extends its analytics capabilities to help meet the demands of big data and mobile
Solutions: TestBase; Vanguard Offline
Stop Run: Historic property has much to teach retired IBMer
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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