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COMPANY SHOWCASE Disaster Recover y // Systems Management 21st Century Software FIND IT ALL AT 21st Century Software has been an industry leader for 21st Century Software years with solutions that let corporate executives sleep at 940 W. Valley Road, Suite 1604 Wayne, PA 19087 Rebecca Levesque 1-800-555-6845 night knowing they are prepared to meet the operational recovery, disaster recovery and business service-level agreements on which their organizations depend. As a leader in data stewardship, our growing line of integrated recovery management solutions provides operational integrity when disruptive events occur within Products Available to View Online: 1. DR/VFI The solution for integrated recovery management of mainframe data, assuring operations resilience. 2. ICE-PAK A multi-patented solution to storage allocation management using size, frequency and reference. 3. SpaceFinder Storage Management Solutions Plans and lowers costs, managing and automating z/OS storage resources from a common interface. 4. Recoverability Assessment Service Provides actionable insight to existing recovery strategies, identifying the gaps and liabilities. the z/OS* environment. Our DR/VFI 4.4, SpaceFinder, ICE-PAK, Tape Assist 2.6 and Migration in Place zSeries* family of solutions gives organizations the ability to analyze how their applications utilize vital data, identify any interdependencies, and determine the business value of their files and data. This empowers our customers to align recovery strategies, helping maximize the availability and recoverability of their information. 5HVSRQVLEOHÃÃ 'DWDÃ6WHZDUGVKLSÃÃ 5HTXLUHVÃÃ +DUPRQLRXVÃÃ 6ROXWLRQV 21st Century Software has more than 30 years of experience developing data resiliency solutions. Our expansion into the mainframe storage area is an evolution utilizing the expertise developed over the years. We are providing storage professionals with solutions that enhance their current processes and provide insight they don’t have today. 21st Century Software’s comprehensive line of integrated software solutions improves your data stewardship. 21st Century Software’s comprehensive solutions will orchestrate your data management. 5. Tape/Assist Manages migration and management of tape data. 2014 // 9 pg 9-35.indd 2 7/17/13 11:28 AM

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