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Watch Out! See the latest IBM videos available on! With new content posted regularly, the site offers a wide range of mainframe-related videos from around the Web. Check out: r Lectures r Customer success stories r How-to instructional videos r Nostalgic—and sometimes humorous—films from IBM PKWARE Inc. 648 N. Plankinton Ave., Suite 220 Milwaukee, WI 53203 Susan Gosnell 1-800-219-7290 PKWARE, an industry leader in enterprise data security products, has a history rooted in innovation, starting with the creation of the .zip file in 1986. Since then, PKWARE has been at the forefront of creating products for reducing and protecting data—from mainframes to servers to desktops and into virtual and cloud environments. PKWARE is used billions of times each day to manage the costs and risks associated with data security breaches and noncompliance while avoiding increased storage costs with data reduction of up to 95 percent and improving service delivery. PKWARE enables customers to solve critical IT problems, namely the explosive growth of data, the need to secure data and the emergence of data in the cloud. Products Available to View Online: r PKZIP r SecureZIP r SecureZIP PartnerLink FIND IT ALL AT Quintessential Mailing Software Inc. 5800 Ager Beswick Road Montague, CA 96064 Timothy Gregerson 1-866-284-1001 QMSI began in 2003 with two primary goals: gain market share, and prove mainframe mailers could spend much less and do more! We’ve met those goals with every customer. “How we do it” is unique within the Postal Software industry. We have system architects, whose historical coding achievements include operating and spooling systems, CICS subsystems and laser printing subsystems, writing application code for CASS, PAVE and NCOA that takes advantage of OS interfaces heretofore unused by any postal software vendors. For example, our QCODE CASS engine can run on a zIIP and uses native dataspace access for “Zip4” database I/O—helping eliminate CPU overhead and MSU costs. Products Available to View Online: r QCODE r QSORT r QVIEW FIND IT ALL AT 2014 // 27

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2014 Mainframe Solutions Edition