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COMPANY SHOWCASE Systems Management MVS Solutions Inc. FIND IT ALL AT MVS Solutions specializes in batch service management for the z/OS* JES2 data center. We have recognized that modernizing and simplifying batch, which typically is 20 percent to 40 percent of the workload, can yield significant savings for the modern data center. We are innovative in eliminating barriers to batch automation and MVS Solutions Inc. finding the opportunities to optimize the batch process. The result is 8300 Woodbine Ave., 4th floor Markham, ON L3R 9Y7 Canada Murray Martin (905) 940-9404 the ThruPut Manager software product that incorporates automation, optimization and best practices for batch workload management. Our designers have immersed themselves in the world of z/OS JES2 batch, understanding its strengths and limitations, learning the underlying architecture and identifying the salient factors that make a difference to overall batch throughput. Using this insight Products Available to View Online: 1. ThruPut Manager AE (Automation Edition) Manages and optimizes z/OS batch service, system throughput and performance, and resource utilization. 2. ThruPut Manager AE+ (Automation Edition Plus) Extends the scheduling goals of CA 7 to z/OS execution with critical-path and due-out time management. we have determined how batch service can best be provided by the modern data center to its users. A privately held company with more than 25 years of operation, we have customers on four continents. Our customers include large data centers looking for the savings from reduced hardware costs and the attendant software costs that greater throughput delivers, as well as smaller data centers looking for the savings from simplified and automated operations. We are an integral part of the production environment of virtually every customer. As a partner in development with IBM, we have early access to new z/OS and JES2 releases, in order to support our customers as they upgrade their operating systems. With excellent 24-7 support, our customers know they can rely on us to work with them to realize the benefits that batch modernization and innovation can bring. (Ã3,(+,9Ã 05Ã)(;*/Ã 0556=(;065 26 // 2014 pg 9-35.indd 19 7/17/13 11:25 AM

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