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Systems Management DTS Software FIND IT ALL AT For more than 20 years, DTS Software has provided DTS Software leading-edge products in the areas of storage management, 4350 Lassiter at North Hills Ave., Suite 235 Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 833-8426 system monitoring and automation for large-scale IBM environments. From the original industry-standard Space Recovery System (SRS), used by hundreds of data centers to help eliminate storage-related production failures, to the new DLm Control Center (DCC), DTS products are noted for their sophistication, reliability and ease of use. Products Available to View Online: 1. SMS/Debug SMS/Debug is a powerful testing, tracing, and debugging tool for z/OS installations. 2. EASY/Exit EASY/Exit simplifies the task of creating exit routines in z/OS and DFSMShsm environments. 3. Explorer GUI Explorer provides a modern and robust facility allowing you to manage z/OS DASD storage using a GUI. 4. JCL-QA JCL-QA performs JCL analysis, validation and reporting effectively and inexpensively. DTS Software— Providing Best-in-Class Storage Management Solutions for More Than 20 Years In today’s high-visibility, round-the-clock-availability world, it is more important than ever to take advantage of software tools to monitor and control every aspect of system operation. With personnel budgets increasingly constrained, many companies leverage their existing resources by employing automation products such as those produced by DTS to manage and monitor their systems. DTS’s focus is to help control and manage the environment in several important areas: • Storage management • Monitoring storage subsystems • Automation All DTS products incorporate a unique rules engine that provides a simple yet powerful mechanism for defining the policies that control product operation. Rules-engine processing helps ensure consistency across the product suite and helps eliminate manual intervention. 5. Monitor Monitor will check conditions in your DASD subsystem and respond/react as directed. 6. Space Recovery System (SRS) SRS dynamically recovers disk-space allocation failures and eliminates related errors. 2014 // 21

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