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COMPANY SHOWCASE Data 21 Inc. 3820 Del Amo Blvd., Suite 302 Torrance, CA 90503 Pam Carver (310) 921-9200 Since 1980, Data 21’s mission has been to deliver innovative IBM mainframe-centric computing solutions that empower businesses and enrich end users in the workplace. Our solutions are highly valued strategic components at hundreds of top corporations around the world. Data 21 is focusing on addressing Internet-related technologies for the secure, efficient, flexible delivery of information over IP. We strive to produce innovative products that meet our customers’ evolving needs. Data 21 is committed to customer satisfaction by delivering both excellent technical support and robust solutions at a fair, competitive price. Products Available to View Online: r InterSession r ZIP/390 r ZIP/VSE FIND IT ALL AT DINO Software Corp. P.O. Box 7105 Alexandria, VA 22307 Rosalie Buck (703) 768-2610 DINO was founded in 2002 and develops enterprise-wide, multiplatform solutions to optimize complex IT environments. Known primarily for its specialist capabilities for the z/OS* mainframe, including VSAM record management, catalog, storage management and disaster recovery, DINO technologists have authored more than 24 products worth hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on this same technology to meet their needs every single day. Products Available to View Online: r T-REX r Veloci-Raptor r RTD FIND IT ALL AT Direct Computer Resources Inc. 120 Birch Road Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 William Vitiello 1-877-704-0077 Direct Computer Resources’ DataVantage software allows you to mask, manage and migrate your data safely, efficiently and affordably. DataVantage software enables the creation of PII-protected datasets via automated, repeatable processes in z/OS* and distributed environments. New software: DataVantage DME offers data masking functionality that runs alongside your data-management software, protecting data while managing mainframe costs. And for data masking, only DataVantage Global has been designated as qualified anti-terror technology by the Department of Homeland Security. FIND IT ALL AT 20 // 2014 Products Available to View Online: r DataVantage for IMS r DataVantage for DB2 r DataVantage Global

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