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COMPANY SHOWCASE Systems Management Action Software International FIND IT ALL AT A pioneer in actively tracking and managing change in the MVS* systems environment, Action Software works alongside some of the world’s largest institutions’ critical processes. With 30-plus years of z/OS* and UNIX* System Services (USS) management experience, Action’s innovations offer proactive tools to enhance system availability, cost efficiency, audit controls and Action Software International 20 Valleywood Drive, Suite 107 Markham, Ontario, L3R 6G1 Canada Peter Sharma (905) 470-7113 security. Business managers and IT leaders look for proactive z/OS systems management tools that can address IT governance risks while automating and tracking software management processes. Action’s flagship product, eventACTION, was the first mainframe software management tool to provide these specialized functions: • Real-time change management in z/OS • Protect critical system data with enhanced security • Reduce outages and improve availability • Track all changes, references or execution to any system-level data • Interface with existing systems/software/processes • Provide strong audit trail ussACTION delivers the same superior functionality as eventACTION for the z/OS USS system environment. Proactively Manage Your z/OS Environment See why more than 300 global clients for 30-plus years depend on Action Software International. 10 // 2014 Products Available to View Online: 1. eventACTION Proactively manage z/OS MVS with real-time capture of any change, reference or execution. 2. ussACTION Automatically and transparently track and control changes in z/OS UNIX System Services.

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - 2014 Mainframe Solutions Edition