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IBM PERSPECTIVE Strengthening the Experience ne of the things I enjoy most about my role is that I get to be part of the tight-knit IBM System z* community. It boils down to a nearly 50-year partnership comprising our clients, business partners and IBM—all coming together to improve the customer experience. O Ā Ã Ã 7KHÃEXVLQHVVÃFODVVÃV\VWHP÷ the zEnterprise BC12 Ā Ã Ã ](QWHUSULVHÃ(&ũŪÃV\VWHPÃ enhancements Ā Ã Ã 1HZÃUHOHDVHVÃRIÃ]26ÃDQGÃ ]90 ĀÃ $GGLWLRQDOÃLQGXVWU\ÃVROXWLRQVÃ Ā Ã Ã &DSDELOLWLHVÃVXSSRUWLQJÃFORXGÃ analytics, mobile and security The most important takeaway, however, isn’t any one of these individual innovations. It’s what our clients can do and are doing with them to bring new capabilities and value to their customers for an improved experience. They’re able to offer new channels for purchasing products or services, suggest related products based on a current purchase, and deliver the highest levels of security and availability to customers’ accounts. To deliver this kind of strengthened customer experience, businesses must embrace the tech- nology shifts taking place across analytics, cloud and mobile. Right now, IT infrastructures around the world are challenged to handle the impact driven by new workloads. It’s no longer optional to be Organizations are mobile-ready. You must betting their success enable your infrastructure on the IT choices with cloud capabilities they make. It makes to handle transactional sense then to build spikes; leverage mobile an infrastructure on platforms to reach new the most advanced, buyers and deliver secure and reliable customized services. In system. moving quickly to establish this new channel, what’s most often overlooked is the underlying infrastructure supporting it. Access to that new channel has to be always on, always available and always secure. If not, the results are devastating. The challenges are real, but so are the opportunities. Organizations are betting their success on the IT choices they make. It makes sense then to build an infrastructure on the most advanced, secure and reliable system. GREG LOTKO Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z 8 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 The deep partnership among the System z community has driven continued innovation, making this platform ideally suited for these workloads, with the capability to: Ā Ã Ã5XQÃWKRXVDQGVÃRIÃ virtual servers in a single footprint, supporting cloud requirements and capabilities more efficiently Ā Ã Ã$QDO\]HÃDQGÃVFRUHÃ data embedded in each transaction in real time Ā Ã Ã6FDOHÃWRÃPHHWÃWKHÃPDVVLYHÃ growth associated with mobile transactions Ā Ã Ã6HFXUHÃWKHÃFORXGÃ environment for analytics and mobile workloads With our zEnterprise announcements, businesses of all sizes have access to greater performance, a lowered total cost of ownership and stateof-the-art functionality to handle today’s EXVLQHVVÃQHHGV÷ZLWKÃ an eye to the future. These innovations help businesses work smarter while improving their customer experience. PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTUS Through this collaboration, the System z team develops and implements innovative technologies that directly enable businesses to not only extend their competitiveness but also remain ahead of market shifts. The recent zEnterprise* announcements are a manifestation of this. The announcement spans the breadth of System z, featuring:

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: zBC12 doesn't skip a beat
IBM Perspective: Strengthening the experience
Techbits: A microscopic short film
Partner PoV: End-to-end transaction management helps uncover and address CPU challenges
Q&A: 'Father of DB2' Don Haderle looks back-- and to the future
IT Today: Linux support for applications offers a compelling advantage
Case Study: Right Time, Right Place: ARBURG uses mainframe technology and SAP software to create an information-centric environment
Cover Story: Introducing zBC12 and IBM zEnterprise Innovations: New platform extends enterprise-class technologies to clients of all sizes, System z GM Pat Toole says
Feature: Stand Out From the Crowd: Latest zEnterprise extends innovation, performance and security to help businesses differentiate their customer service
Tech Corner: New zEDC Express adapter compresses data faster while using less CPU
Administrator: SMC-R protocol strengthens data sharing performance while reducing CPU costs
Solutions: ZEN TRACE & SOLVE; MegaCryption; Universal SSH Key Manager; TestBase
Stop Run: DB2 pioneer dances his way across the country
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - September/October 2013