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EDITOR’S DESK zBC12 Doesn’t Skip a Beat ou’re starting to sound like a broken record.” I recently had to explain that colloquialism to my 7-year-old who responded to it with a puzzled look. I might as well have told him to “get on the trolley.” Y Of course, a “broken record” refers to outdated music-playing technology that would skip if the vinyl record were scratched—often repeating the same few notes or words. Since the early 1980s, the record has been replaced by the cassette tape, followed by CDs and, currently, the iPod and similar devices. Whether it’s music or mainframes, in terms of technology, standing still is not an option. But unlike the vinyl record, IBM System z* technology continues to advance and innovate, as evidenced by the zEnterprise* BC12 (zBC12) announcement in July. Not only did IBM expand the capabilities of the zEnterprise EC12 to a broader audience, but it also unveiled several new enhancements and features, the latest versions of the z/OS* and z/VM* operating systems, and industry-specific solutions. This issue explores several of these advances, starting with an interview featuring Pat Toole, the new System z GM, who discusses the business impact of the zBC12 on page 28. The feature on page 34 examines the announcement further, while Tech Corner (page 40) and Administrator (page 43) offer deeper dives into the data compression acceleration capabilities of zEDC and the high-speed communications fabric of SMC-R, respectively. Ultimately, Toole notes, it’s about enabling IBM clients to enhance their customers’ experiences. One company experiencing that firsthand is ARBURG, a German manufacturer of injection-molding machines and robotic systems. Its IT solution, outlined in our case study on page 24, is built on zEnterprise and SAP technologies. With this issue of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition, we’re debuting the magazine’s iPad app. It complements the magazine with additional, interactive content for mobile readers. You can download this and future issues at the iTunes Store. IBM business partners have always been important to clients. That’s why you’ll find the 2014 Mainframe Solutions edition accompanying this issue as well. After all this discussion of IBM innovations and mainframe’s tradition of advancing technology, I’m the one sounding like a broken record. Mike Westholder // Managing Editor University of Notre Dame CONTRIBUTORS R Gary Parker R Pat Toole Photographic legacy With 25 years of award-winning experience in advertising, corporate and journalistic photography, Gary Parker photographed IBM DB2* innovator Don Haderle for the Q&A on page 16. Parker does pro bono work for the Little People of America and is the creator of the largest library of Dwarfism images in the world. Lessons in service IBM System z* General Manager Pat Toole, featured in this issue’s cover story on page 28, serves on advisory panels for three educational institutions: the University of Notre Dame graduate studies and research advisory council; the St. Joseph High School advisory board; and the board of directors of the Caroline House, a not-for-profit education center that teaches English-language and life skills to economically disadvantaged women and their children. 6 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 PHOTOGRAPH BY (TOP) TRAVIS ANDERSON (BOTTOM LEFT) KIMBERLY REEVES PARKER “

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - September/October 2013

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: zBC12 doesn't skip a beat
IBM Perspective: Strengthening the experience
Techbits: A microscopic short film
Partner PoV: End-to-end transaction management helps uncover and address CPU challenges
Q&A: 'Father of DB2' Don Haderle looks back-- and to the future
IT Today: Linux support for applications offers a compelling advantage
Case Study: Right Time, Right Place: ARBURG uses mainframe technology and SAP software to create an information-centric environment
Cover Story: Introducing zBC12 and IBM zEnterprise Innovations: New platform extends enterprise-class technologies to clients of all sizes, System z GM Pat Toole says
Feature: Stand Out From the Crowd: Latest zEnterprise extends innovation, performance and security to help businesses differentiate their customer service
Tech Corner: New zEDC Express adapter compresses data faster while using less CPU
Administrator: SMC-R protocol strengthens data sharing performance while reducing CPU costs
Solutions: ZEN TRACE & SOLVE; MegaCryption; Universal SSH Key Manager; TestBase
Stop Run: DB2 pioneer dances his way across the country
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2014 Mainframe Solutions Edition

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - September/October 2013