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PARTNER PoV A CURE for IT Woes End-to-end transaction management helps uncover and address CPU challenges W hen the IBM System/360* mainframe helped put the first human on the moon, the world glimpsed what was possible when people leveraged computing power. Fast-forward nearly 45 years and the mainframe is still making incredible things happen, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Dennis O’Flynn is director of product management at Compuware Mainframe Solutions. Could the architects of the System/360 have dreamed the mainframe would enable an individual to conveniently and securely transfer money and check bank balances from a phone virtually anywhere on the planet? What amazing things can we expect from the System z* mainframe in 45 years? Impact of Web and Mobile As with nearly everything groundbreaking, today’s computing advances have created some less than ideal consequences. Consider the Web and mobile apps that enable consumers to conveniently order an item online, deposit a 12 // SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 check and transmit a mortgage agreement with the tap of a finger on their smartphones. Yes, apps make life’s mundane tasks easier and more convenient. But the sheer volume of the Web and mobile-enabled transactions these apps create can cost an organization dearly in terms of mainframe MIPS. If even one transaction encounters a bottleneck anywhere along the application delivery chain and can’t reach the mainframe, organizations spend hours—sometimes days—troubleshooting and resolving the issue. And if the problem is consumer facing and persists for any length of time, the company can suffer reputation damage or lost revenues. What can be done to mitigate the impact of Web and mobile apps on mainframes to reduce CPU usage and improve the end-user experience? Before answering that question, we need to look at what’s happening within data centers both culturally and operationally. Conquering the Cultural Divide Analyst firm Ptak/Noel surveyed mainframe and distributed groups in large data centers about their level of interaction. The results showed very little contact and few connections between the two. “Rarely, if ever, is there a meeting that both groups attend. Little

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: zBC12 doesn't skip a beat
IBM Perspective: Strengthening the experience
Techbits: A microscopic short film
Partner PoV: End-to-end transaction management helps uncover and address CPU challenges
Q&A: 'Father of DB2' Don Haderle looks back-- and to the future
IT Today: Linux support for applications offers a compelling advantage
Case Study: Right Time, Right Place: ARBURG uses mainframe technology and SAP software to create an information-centric environment
Cover Story: Introducing zBC12 and IBM zEnterprise Innovations: New platform extends enterprise-class technologies to clients of all sizes, System z GM Pat Toole says
Feature: Stand Out From the Crowd: Latest zEnterprise extends innovation, performance and security to help businesses differentiate their customer service
Tech Corner: New zEDC Express adapter compresses data faster while using less CPU
Administrator: SMC-R protocol strengthens data sharing performance while reducing CPU costs
Solutions: ZEN TRACE & SOLVE; MegaCryption; Universal SSH Key Manager; TestBase
Stop Run: DB2 pioneer dances his way across the country
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition - September/October 2013