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IBM PERSPECTIVE Ongoing Innovation on IBM System z ince the introduction of computing systems, the IT industry has evolved dramatically. It started with the advent of computer compatibility, allowing machines across a product line to work with each other. Later, computers moved from bipolar to complementary metal oxide semiconductors, reducing power usage and providing higher density of logic functions on a chip. Eventually, we saw the introduction of open-source technologies, lowering costs and promoting collaborative development. These technology shifts might not appear remarkable while we’re in the midst of them, but looking back, we understand the profound impact they’ve made. Innovation has never been optional for IBM. We strive to lead these shifts, pioneering new technologies to deliver greater value to our clients. And for the IBM System z* mainframe, that’s been our mission, with today’s zEnterprise* System as proof. Over time, IBM adapted System z technology to accommodate a wide range of workloads. The zEnterprise hybrid runs a host of OSs, including z/OS*, Linux*, Windows* and AIX*; and uses specialty processors for Java*, XML and Linux workloads. It effectively runs the classic CICS*, IMS* and DB2* workloads, while being very adaptive to WebSphere*, C and Java technology-coded workloads, Web front-end serving and portal environments. Also, it can run a large number of Linux system images. That Linux capability, along with a level of virtualization and optimization that’s second to none, enables businesses to run tens of thousands of virtual images on System z with an efficient cloud-delivery model. Accordingly, organizations can save money through Linux capability, along with a level of virtualization and optimization that’s second to none, enables businesses to run tens of thousands of virtual images on System z with an efficient clouddelivery model. consolidation on Linux. System z technology can accomplish this while sustaining the highest levels of performance and throughput. 8 // JULY/AUGUST 2013 GREG LOTKO Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z Consider Nationwide Insurance. The U.S.-based company’s distributed server environment was inefficient and costly. In an effort to reduce expenses and increase business agility, Nationwide consolidated 3,000 distributed servers to Linux virtual servers running on System z mainframes. This multiplatform private cloud has been optimized for all of its different workloads. Therefore, Nationwide was able to reduce power, cooling and floor space requirements by 80 percent. It also reversed the expenditure on its distributed server landscape, saving an estimated $15 million over the first three years of the implementation. This is the path of innovation we’re on; the path we’re going to stay on to enable our clients’ success, making the System z platform even more adaptive, efficient, open and capable than ever before. PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTUS S

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Publisher's Desk: By design
IBM Perspective: Ongoing innovation on IBM System z
IT Today: Economics and performance make Linux on System z the clear choice
Partner PoV: Linux and open-source HA build on mainframe's strengths
Trends: New DataPower appliance for IMS rapidly transforms data for cloud and mobile apps
Cover Story: The Next Evolution of Linux on System z: The benefits of this technological synergy continue to advance
Feature: Making a Splash: Linux consolidation helps System z forge inroads in new markets
Feature: Software-Defined Environments Make Computing Smarter: By adding intelligence to the IT infrastructure, enterprises become responsive and flexible, an interview with IBM's Arvind Krishna
Tech Corner: In addition to high performance, System z processors are designed to be reliable
Administrator: System z innovations automatically define configurations for greater availability
Solutions: Compuware Workbench; ThruPut Manager AE+
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2013