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TRENDS The IBM WebSphere DataPower appliance offers new integration solutions to leverage the processing power of IMS. Flexibility Meets POWER New DataPower appliance for IMS rapidly transforms data for cloud and mobile apps T he IBM WebSphere* DataPower* Integration Appliance is a purpose-built hardware platform designed to deliver rapid data transformations for cloud and mobile applications, secured and scalable business integration, and an edge-of-network security gateway in a single, drop-in appliance. Jenny Hung is an advisory software engineer working on IBM IMS OnDemand to modernize IMS as the integration focal point in SOA environments. Dario D’Angelo is an advisory software engineer at the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory and chair of the IBM Silicon Valley TVC. The most recent DataPower firmware V6.0, announced in April, enables a new level of integration across an enterprise environment. The synergy among DataPower, System z*, Rational* Software and common transformation tooling positions the DataPower appliance as the premier System z gateway. With the most recent firmware release, the product offers new integration solutions to leverage the processing power of IMS*— one of the fastest transaction and database management systems in the world. Saving Time and Money The resilient, eminently consumable and self-recovering DataPower appliances provide plug-in usability with little 18 // JULY/AUGUST 2013 to no changes to an existing network or application software. No proprietary schemas, coding or APIs are required to install or manage the device, and the appliance supports XML integrated development environments (IDEs) to help reduce the time needed to develop and debug XML applications. DataPower appliances simplify deployment and speed time-tomarket for services by providing: Ā à Ã7KHÃFDSDELOLW\ÃWRÃTXLFNO\à transform data among a wide variety of formats Ā à Ã&RUHÃHQWHUSULVHÃVHUYLFHà bus (ESB) functionality, including routing, bridging, transformation and event handling à Ã([FHSWLRQDOÃVHFXULW\ÃIURPà Ā tampering as well as servicelevel runtime protection Ā à Ã$ÃGURSLQÃLQWHJUDWLRQà point for heterogeneous environments, helping reduce the time and cost of integration A cost-effective choice for nonproduction environments is the DataPower Virtual Edition (VE), which is available with models XI52 and XG45. This virtual appliance runs in the VMware hypervisor environment and isn’t tied to specific hardware factors. DataPower flexibility can be demonstrated by the capability to connect not only the core business of service oriented architecture (SOA) but also to serve areas of business-to-business connectivity

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Publisher's Desk: By design
IBM Perspective: Ongoing innovation on IBM System z
IT Today: Economics and performance make Linux on System z the clear choice
Partner PoV: Linux and open-source HA build on mainframe's strengths
Trends: New DataPower appliance for IMS rapidly transforms data for cloud and mobile apps
Cover Story: The Next Evolution of Linux on System z: The benefits of this technological synergy continue to advance
Feature: Making a Splash: Linux consolidation helps System z forge inroads in new markets
Feature: Software-Defined Environments Make Computing Smarter: By adding intelligence to the IT infrastructure, enterprises become responsive and flexible, an interview with IBM's Arvind Krishna
Tech Corner: In addition to high performance, System z processors are designed to be reliable
Administrator: System z innovations automatically define configurations for greater availability
Solutions: Compuware Workbench; ThruPut Manager AE+
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Stop Run: Kochishan challenges misconceptions about polka—and the mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2013