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PARTNER PoV Doubly DEPENDABLE Linux and open-source HA build on mainframe’s strengths M ainframes are renowned for their dependability, providing a stable and reliable platform for unmatched availability to mission-critical business services. Linux* and open-source software (OSS) in general also have a reputation for providing significantly above-average quality. For years, Linux has been widely trusted with mission-critical services, which is reflected in the worldwide deployments of Linux on System z*. Lars MarowskyBrée is a SUSE Distinguished Engineer and the founder of the Linux Foundation HA Working Group. He serves as the architect for High Availability and Storage at SUSE. To increase the availability of mission-critical workloads, efforts have been made to greatly reduce the likelihood of component failure. Systems have long been combined to form clusters in which their capacity beyond the immediate runtime requirements of a workload is used to compensate for individual components’ faults. This is in 14 // JULY/AUGUST 2013 contrast to clustering for high performance computing (HPC), where added capacity is used to boost workload performance. While some overlap in the technology exists, high availability (HA) and HPC have different priorities and goals. For HA clusters, redundant components must be added intelligently so the redundancy they provide improves the availability of the workload cluster hosts. The architecture must include at least one level of redundancy for every potential component failure, be it in hardware or software. Components without redundancy but mandatory for service delivery are called single points of failure (SPoF). It’s not always cost-

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Table of Contents
Publisher's Desk: By design
IBM Perspective: Ongoing innovation on IBM System z
IT Today: Economics and performance make Linux on System z the clear choice
Partner PoV: Linux and open-source HA build on mainframe's strengths
Trends: New DataPower appliance for IMS rapidly transforms data for cloud and mobile apps
Cover Story: The Next Evolution of Linux on System z: The benefits of this technological synergy continue to advance
Feature: Making a Splash: Linux consolidation helps System z forge inroads in new markets
Feature: Software-Defined Environments Make Computing Smarter: By adding intelligence to the IT infrastructure, enterprises become responsive and flexible, an interview with IBM's Arvind Krishna
Tech Corner: In addition to high performance, System z processors are designed to be reliable
Administrator: System z innovations automatically define configurations for greater availability
Solutions: Compuware Workbench; ThruPut Manager AE+
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Stop Run: Kochishan challenges misconceptions about polka—and the mainframe
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2013