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IT TODAY Run the NUMBERS Economics and performance make Linux on System z the clear choice D ata centers run a range of business workloads, including batch and transaction processing, business applications, complex data analysis, collaboration and social business. It’s easy to gravitate toward one particular server as being good for all of these workloads; however, they all have different requirements. For that reason, IBM offers different types of servers. John Shedletsky is vice president of IBM System z Competitive Technology. Emily Farmer is a senior research consultant in the IBM Software Group Competitive Project Office. It’s essential to understand what hardware is best suited for which applications and why. Determining the best placement of business workloads should focus on the platform that delivers the best performance at the best cost with the best quality—a concept known as “best fit.” Consider these three workload classes and see why the best fit is on IBM System z*: 10 // JULY/AUGUST 2013 1Linux Consolidations Several characteristics make the mainframe a highly efficient platform, especially for consolidating Linux* workloads. Its core features—processing power, large cache and a dedicated I/O subsystem—provide superior scalability and throughput. In addition, exceptional workload management, when com- bined with the aforementioned capabilities, makes the mainframe especially good for consolidating Linux workloads. Workload management refers to the effectiveness and efficiency of the virtualization layer to manage resources across multiple workloads. To realize the best cost per workload, a platform must maximize CPU utilization and

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Publisher's Desk: By design
IBM Perspective: Ongoing innovation on IBM System z
IT Today: Economics and performance make Linux on System z the clear choice
Partner PoV: Linux and open-source HA build on mainframe's strengths
Trends: New DataPower appliance for IMS rapidly transforms data for cloud and mobile apps
Cover Story: The Next Evolution of Linux on System z: The benefits of this technological synergy continue to advance
Feature: Making a Splash: Linux consolidation helps System z forge inroads in new markets
Feature: Software-Defined Environments Make Computing Smarter: By adding intelligence to the IT infrastructure, enterprises become responsive and flexible, an interview with IBM's Arvind Krishna
Tech Corner: In addition to high performance, System z processors are designed to be reliable
Administrator: System z innovations automatically define configurations for greater availability
Solutions: Compuware Workbench; ThruPut Manager AE+
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Stop Run: Kochishan challenges misconceptions about polka—and the mainframe
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2013