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CA Workload Automation QWS3270 Tablet CA Technologies Jolly Giant Software S everal capabilities have been added to the latest release to help reduce the complexity of managing workloads across the hybrid-computing environments of distributed, mainframe and cloud. These features include: T his 3270 emulation application allows access to information stored on a host mainframe server from Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook or Android-based tablets. It’s designed to be: → Support for a broader range of applications including SQL server integration services → Exploitation of newer technologies, such as zIIP, the IBM System z9* Integrated Information Processor specialty engine → A rich graphical interface for advanced monitoring and reporting → Enhanced service-level management → Utilities for more rapid deployments and upgrades → Easy to implement via BlackBerry App World, the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play interface—simply enter the connection information to your IBM System z* server → Cost-effective with no host mainframe programming required → Reliable with standard TCP/IP for communication through the Internet OS SUPPORT: All versions of z/OS* OS SUPPORT: All versions of MVS*, VSE and VM/CMS PRICE: Variable PRICE: $29.99 URL: URL: Resources Advertisers Index RESOURCE PAGE RESOURCE PAGE Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. 39 Jolly Giant Software, Inc. 4 ColeSoft Marketing Inc. 17 MVS Solutions Inc. 1 Compuware 7 IBM Webinar, click on “Event Center” DTS Software, Inc. 21 Rocket Software, Inc. Data 21 41 Relational Architects International 3 GT Software, Inc, click on “Event Center” 15 SUSE Linux, click on “Event Center” 35 IBM Services Blueprint ServicesBlueprintMay2013 43 SUSE Linux 9 IBM System z events series 23 SHARE 45 IBM System z Technical University and IBM Power Systems Technical University 37 Tributary Systems 13 IBM Edge Conference C3 Trident Services, Inc. 5 Innovation Data Processing C4 Vanguard Integrity Professionals 24 pg 46-47.indd 3 25, 29, 31 C2 MAY/JUNE 2 013 47 4/15/13 4:06 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2013

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2013
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: See Beyond the Silos
IBM Perspective: Keys to Successful Software Development
Dashboard: It's a Smarter World After All; Encouraging Exercise; Facebook Fatigue?
Insider: Reimagining Data Protection Requires Due Diligence and Defense in Depth
Case Study: Financing the Future: BNY Mellon increases workload and cuts costs by investing in a standardized mainframe environment
Feature: Making DevOps Real for System z: Linking development and operations for the continuous delivery of software innovation
Feature: Building a DevOps Pipeline: Automated testing to support application development reaps many rewards
Tech Corner: Software-Defined IT Infrastructure: The Next Chapter in Virtualization Benefits
Administrator: Single System Image Feature Delivers Greater Flexibility and Resilience
Solutions: CA Mainframe Application Tuner; Ivory Hub; Genius Project; CICS JS/Server; CA Workload Automation; QWS3270 Tablet
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Stop Run: Un-Comfort Zone
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Services Blueprint Issue 1 2013
2013 Mainframe Buyer's Guide Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2013