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Insider Insights from the industry A Business-Savvy Approach By Ed Ahl and Jon Toigo n response to the current economy, many companies have cut staff and increased their dependence on IT to make fewer employees more productive. As a result, even short interruptions to data access are intolerable. Most business decision makers and nearly all IT managers understand the need to protect data and ensure its availability. However, confusion is growing over the best approach to data protection. I Vendors tout their own approach as best and the “new normal” in data protection. Disk array vendors tend to promote disk-to-disk mirroring (between two or more arrays on the same raised floor) or WAN-based replication (copying data between disk arrays in two geographically separate locations across a telecommunications facility). Tape technology vendors note that as much as 87 percent of the world’s data is protected using their magnetic media. Not surprisingly, 14 pg 14-17.indd 2 MAY/JUNE 2 013 most vendor-guided discussions of data protection quickly devolve into an either-or debate over tape versus disk. The fact is all data is not the same. Sure, it’s all anonymous ones and zeroes, but data derives its importance, its criticality to the business and its priority for access following an interruption event from the business process it supports. That’s why intelligent and business-savvy data protection planning must be preceded by the due diligence of business ILLUSTRATION BY MICHAEL AUSTIN / THEISPOT.COM Reimagining data protection requires due diligence and defense in depth 4/17/13 9:51 AM

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2013
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Editor's Desk: See Beyond the Silos
IBM Perspective: Keys to Successful Software Development
Dashboard: It's a Smarter World After All; Encouraging Exercise; Facebook Fatigue?
Insider: Reimagining Data Protection Requires Due Diligence and Defense in Depth
Case Study: Financing the Future: BNY Mellon increases workload and cuts costs by investing in a standardized mainframe environment
Feature: Making DevOps Real for System z: Linking development and operations for the continuous delivery of software innovation
Feature: Building a DevOps Pipeline: Automated testing to support application development reaps many rewards
Tech Corner: Software-Defined IT Infrastructure: The Next Chapter in Virtualization Benefits
Administrator: Single System Image Feature Delivers Greater Flexibility and Resilience
Solutions: CA Mainframe Application Tuner; Ivory Hub; Genius Project; CICS JS/Server; CA Workload Automation; QWS3270 Tablet
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Stop Run: Un-Comfort Zone
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2013