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Stop Run An eclectic take on the mainframe world Underground Movement Caving teaches valuable lessons for one IBMer By Mike Westholder F or Michael Daubman, pushing himself to new heights involves going hundreds of feet underground. Over the past four years, the System z Field Technical Enablement manager has delved deeper and deeper into cave exploration. It started with a trip to the Adirondack Mountains, where Daubman and his younger brothers, Mark and Steven (who works in the IBM High Availability Center of Competency), stayed in a yurt. “It’s like a tent with walls,” Michael explains. A guestbook there gave directions to a nearby cave. “We spent a good day not finding it, and then realized we were headed in the wrong direction,” Daubman recalls. “We went the other way and in about 10 minutes found the very small cave that had a river running through it.” Equipped with only a flashlight, the brothers entered, but ran out of room a few feet in. “We all decided that this was something we’d like to do more of,” he says. “That’s when we started researching it. We had no idea there are so many caving opportunities in the Northeast.” These include countless caves in the Adirondack, 40 MARCH/APRIL 2013 Michael Daubman explores Indian Oven Cave in Columbia County, N.Y. Shawangunk (also referred to as the Gunks) and Catskill mountains. In addition to research, the brothers invested in helmets, lights, rope, an aluminum ladder and waterproof utility suits for when they have to belly crawl through ice-cold cave water. Many colleagues, friends and family don’t understand the attraction, Daubman says, but for him, “The biggest appeal is when you’re hundreds of feet underground and you shut your light off and you’re quiet. I’ve never in my life felt a silence like that. It’s a very isolated version of you. You’re only with your thoughts and whatever sounds are in that cave—there’s absolutely no light.” “And bats,” Daubman adds. “There are bats in a lot of these caves, and they’re the coolest little creatures.” Bats and Zen-like moments aside, caving challenges Daubman to push himself, he says. “That’s what keeps me going—pushing myself beyond where I’m comfortable and trying to discover what’s beyond that.” His next challenge involves exploring less-traveled and morevertical caves, which means learning rock-climbing and descending skills, he says. “With the Gunks across the river, we have places to learn how to climb from some of the best instructors. Our plan is to get some education on how to climb safely, and then find some harder trips to do.” In the end, caving teaches valuable lessons about planning and testing your limits, which parallel Daubman’s work. “I see it in getting beyond my level of comfort in my career,” he says. “Also, I’ve got to be prepared. So it’s a great way for me to build these skills.” Mike Westholder is managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition.

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Editor's Desk: Virtual Argument Over Cloud
IBM Perspective: The Perfect IT Combination
Data Display: IBM Mainframe: A Leader in Energy Efficiency
Trends: Batch Modernization Redefines Application Development
IT Today: Running Highly Stacked Workloads on System z Can Greatly Reduce Cost Per Unit of Work
Cover Story: Breaking Through Complexity: IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP Solutions bring simplicity and efficiency
Feature: Reach Cloud's Potential: Build your IT environment with IBM zEnterprise and SmartCloud
Tech Corner: System z Virtualization Environment Provides Far Lower TCA Than Its Intel Alternative
Solutions: CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS, and CA Mainframe Chorus; Attachmate Reflection 2011 R3; PerfTechPro for z/OS; Compuware APM for Mainframe
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