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2013 IBM Systems Magazine Mainframe Buyer’s Guide- Product Index Hardware Accessories/Miscellaneous General Eaton 9395 UPS Communications/Connectivity General CCA-3074 Console Concentrator FEP-4600 Communications Controller Storage Tape Tape/Assist Vi-4990 Virtual Tape Systems Software Application Development Change Management Software Change Management for Mainframe Database Management DataVantage for IMS Editors EzEDIT General Application Peformance Management DataVantage for VSAM Modernization Ivory Service Architect Ivory VisualConnect tcVISION Performance Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management Syncsort MF Syncsort PipeSort Syncsort PROC MF Test Data Optimization Query Tools DataNovata Test Management Application Quality and Testing Tools for Mainframe DataVantage for DB2 Web Enablement VIRTEL Web Access VIRTEL Web Integration VIRTEL Web Modernization Business Intelligence Data Mining DataMiner Communications/Connectivity 3270 Emulation InterSession File Transfer DataMover SSR Client/Server Database CICS VShare DB2 BMC CATALOG MANAGER for DB2 BMC CHANGE MANAGER for DB2 BMC Database Administration for DB2 BMC Recovery Management for DB2 BMC SQL Performance for DB2 Systems Performance for DB2 General Ivory Data Access tcACCESS VSUM IMS BMC Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS BMC MAXM Database Advisor for IMS High Availability Data Replication FDR Plug and Swap (FDRPAS) for z/OS FDRMOVE with FDRPAS (Plug and Swap) General BMC APPLICATION RESTART CONTROL RTD T-REX Veloci-Raptor 2013 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: How Do You Sleep at Night?
IBM Perspective: The Foundation of the Modern Data Center
Insider: Look Beyond Cumbersome Processes to Move Technology Forward
IT Today: Where Do System z and a Legendary Rock Band Intersect?
Focus on Storage: Easy Tier and DS8000 Are Two of Many Storage Innovations Driven by IBM's Vincent Hsu
Case Study: Rooms and a View: Marriott stays ahead of the competition by maintaining an agile IT environment
Cover Story: More Than Secure: The zEnterprise EC12 raises enterprise security while boosting analytics and cloud performance
Feature: Safe and Sound Insights: The System z ecosystem protects vital enterprise information assets
Tech Corner: Enabling the Predictive Business With Analytics on System z
Solutions: Legacy Mobile; zLinux-in-a-Box; Zen Application Gateway; MQSonar; Serena IT Dashboard; TinyTERM ITX 3270; Storage Director 4.0
Advertisers Index
Stop Run: In Woodworking-- and Mainframe Security-- Spera Focuses on the Possibilities and the Details
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
2013 Mainframe Buyer's Guide Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013