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IBM Perspective Mainframe directions The Foundation of the Modern Data Center ata can bring tremendous value to an enterprise when it’s aggregated and analyzed from all sources. Much of this data is unstructured—videos, social media content and documents—and when analyzed, it lets the CMO or CEO understand trends and deliver insight on demand. It brings new ways of interpreting information and combining content in a cloud or cloudlike environment. Large amounts of data, however, can bring big issues—from management to analysis to security. Taking advantage of that data within a cloud environment means greater access, which can result in more open entry points—inside and outside the enterprise. According to a recent IBM X-Force Research report, on average, 60,000 IT infrastructure attacks occur daily. Yet while analysts expect data security to remain an IT budget priority, the traditional model is no match for the sophisticated threats we’re seeing. In the modern data center, security must be at the foundation. Where information security previously focused on specific risks, it must now encompass global risks. Every organization must maintain and protect sensitive data, such as employee information, trade secrets and customer data. To grow, retain and satisfy clients, enterprises require a centralized security approach. Businesses embracing enterprise systems gain security-ready infrastructures that can help them 8 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2 013 D comply with regulations, reduce risk and protect brand value. Such systems can address multiple security domains: r Data integrity—ensuring privacy and isolation of sensitive data and the integrity of critical data delivered to applications across the enterprise— whether at rest or in motion. r Application protection—delivering agreed-upon rules and policies across lines of business to build applications with secure development principles, and protect existing applications by detecting code vulnerabilities, especially as they’re integrated with new services. r User accountability—identifying users and managing their access control and authorization, establishing a unique, trusted identity across the environment to provide accountability for all user activities. r Compliance—providing a comprehensive enterprise security model designed to address regulatory mandates and enable best practices for enterprise governance, risk and compliance management. Few systems offer the highest levels of security for core business operations, providing a secure, stable and dependable information source. Not all can provide an integrated, built-in encryption infrastructure across all elements of the system to protect data, whether it’s at rest or in motion. And only the System z* platform holds the highest security rating of any commercially available server. A secure enterprise keeps its customers’ data safe. It keeps data centers—and a business—up and running. Security must be considered up front with every business initiative. IBM’s enterprise systems integrate security across servers, storage and software to manage identities and access control. It’s time to build this kind of security foundation into data centers for today and tomorrow. Greg Lotko, Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z PHOTOGRAPHY BY BOB MARTUS

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013
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Editor's Desk: How Do You Sleep at Night?
IBM Perspective: The Foundation of the Modern Data Center
Insider: Look Beyond Cumbersome Processes to Move Technology Forward
IT Today: Where Do System z and a Legendary Rock Band Intersect?
Focus on Storage: Easy Tier and DS8000 Are Two of Many Storage Innovations Driven by IBM's Vincent Hsu
Case Study: Rooms and a View: Marriott stays ahead of the competition by maintaining an agile IT environment
Cover Story: More Than Secure: The zEnterprise EC12 raises enterprise security while boosting analytics and cloud performance
Feature: Safe and Sound Insights: The System z ecosystem protects vital enterprise information assets
Tech Corner: Enabling the Predictive Business With Analytics on System z
Solutions: Legacy Mobile; zLinux-in-a-Box; Zen Application Gateway; MQSonar; Serena IT Dashboard; TinyTERM ITX 3270; Storage Director 4.0
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013