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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace Legacy Mobile Red Oak Software MQSonar Nastel Technologies egacy Mobile is an enterprise-level application enabling connectivity to IBM i and System z* platforms from any Apple iPad. It provides access to IBM applications that support a 3270 or 5250 interface and online applications available via TN3270 or TN5250. Its capabilities include: → Understanding 3270 and 5250 data flows inherently → Identifying the composition of contents of a 3270 or 5250 screen → Enabling iPad applications to efficiently query and make decisions based on L F contents in a System z or IBM i application screen → Handling multiple 3270 and 5250 sessions in an application ree to download, the MQSonar tool isolates faults and measures baseline performance of applications based on IBM’s WebSphere* MQ (WMQ). It’s designed to generate insight for enterprises using homegrown monitoring and management applications for WMQ. Among its attributes, MQSonar: → Is installed on the WMQ server OS SUPPORT: All versions of IBM i and System z OSs PRICE: $25.99 URL: behind the corporate firewall → Requires no setup, so operators zLinux-in-a-Box Maintec T → Hardware → Software → Human resources → Infrastructure OS SUPPORT: z/VM* 6.2; Linux PRICE: Variable URL: he zLinux-in-a-Box service allows corporations to outsource their Linux* environment to Maintec Data Center. This new service enables clients to lower their data center total cost of ownership. Available on-site or off-site, Maintec’s solution provides: with basic rights to the server can begin acquiring insight immediately → Facilitates improved performance and availability → Provides a bridge to the more advanced-level analysis available in Nastel’s AutoPilot product family OS SUPPORT: Installable on Linux* or Windows* but measures WebSphere MQ performance across any OS PRICE: Free URL: ZEN Application Gateway William Data Systems → Test new IPv6 applications using their → Provide pseudo network address T he ZEN Application Gateway (ZAG) software solution is designed to help implement IPv6 under z/OS* by minimizing the need to make changes to applications, hardware or networks. ZAG allows customers to: IPv4 infrastructure → Access IPv4 applications from new IPv6 clients → Segregate IPv6 and IPv4 traffic on different IP stacks → Allow traffic to connect between IPv6 and IPv4 stacks translation capabilities in an IPv6 environment, which enables them to hide internal IPv6 addresses from the outside world OS SUPPORT: All versions of z/OS PRICE: Variable URL: 46 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2 013

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: How Do You Sleep at Night?
IBM Perspective: The Foundation of the Modern Data Center
Insider: Look Beyond Cumbersome Processes to Move Technology Forward
IT Today: Where Do System z and a Legendary Rock Band Intersect?
Focus on Storage: Easy Tier and DS8000 Are Two of Many Storage Innovations Driven by IBM's Vincent Hsu
Case Study: Rooms and a View: Marriott stays ahead of the competition by maintaining an agile IT environment
Cover Story: More Than Secure: The zEnterprise EC12 raises enterprise security while boosting analytics and cloud performance
Feature: Safe and Sound Insights: The System z ecosystem protects vital enterprise information assets
Tech Corner: Enabling the Predictive Business With Analytics on System z
Solutions: Legacy Mobile; zLinux-in-a-Box; Zen Application Gateway; MQSonar; Serena IT Dashboard; TinyTERM ITX 3270; Storage Director 4.0
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Stop Run: In Woodworking-- and Mainframe Security-- Spera Focuses on the Possibilities and the Details
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2013