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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace Eclipse Macro 4 older applications for IBM’s MRF technology. The benefits include: ¡ The capability to improve legacy application performance, minimizing CPU utilization ¡ A reduction of mainframe computer usage, thus reducing IT expenses ¡ Little or no need to recode and test applications OS SUPPORT: z/OS releases up to 1.13; DB2 releases up to DB2 10 Compatibility Mode with DB2 10 NFM supported in a future maintenance release PRICE: Varies by CPU size URL: T Attach Facility SoftBase A provider of DB2* z/OS* coding, testing and deployment tools, SoftBase has announced the release of Attach Facility’s Multi-Row Fetch (MRF) feature. IBM introduced MRF to enable users to simultaneously process multiple records (rows) to save time and CPU overhead. The latest SoftBase Attach Facility release enables DB2 users to automatically retrofit hree new Eclipse plug-ins have been introduced as part of a strategy to integrate Macro 4’s mainframe tools with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The new solutions, which build on the M4Workbench Eclipse framework and plugins, are designed to help developers perform mainframe application development and testing tasks without having to directly access the mainframe environment. Specifically, the plug-ins enable: ¡ The z/Explorer for Eclipse to DataSniff Xbridge Systems A data-discovery tool supporting z/OS* mainframe systems, DataSniff enables security and compliance professionals to access mainframe data—both online and migrated—and scan it for sensitive information regulated by various industry mandates or government standards. DataSniff can locate data sets and database tables that are unknown to the installation but contain sensitive information that must be deleted, encrypted or have limited access. Its features include the capability to: ¡ Analyze mainframe data sets in a variety of formats, including VSAM, QSAM, BDAM, BSAM, PDS and GDGs, as well as mainframe hierarchical and relational databases such as IMS*, DB2*, Datacom and IDMS ¡ Recall migrated data sets, analyze them for unprotected sensitive data and automatically remigrate them to secondary or tertiary storages ¡ Scan structured and unstructured data to incorporate text fields, text documents and notes fields OS SUPPORT: All IBM-supported versions of z/OS PRICE: Variable URL: provide an editing capability for mainframe files and allow users to submit jobs and access the JES spool to view results in the job output ¡ M4SlickEdit to offer the option of formatted smart program code editing to aid developer productivity ¡ TraceMaster to let users set up batch traces in Eclipse prior to launching an integrated browser window to run the traces OS SUPPORT: z/Explorer and M4SlickEdit: z/OS* 1.10 and higher; TraceMaster: z/OS 1.9 and higher PRICE: Variable URL: AutoPilot Nastel Technologies A unified platform to manage multiple middleware technologies with a single solution, AutoPilot 6.5 features: ¡ A unified platform for monitoring WebSphere* MQ and DataPower*, TIBCO RV and EMS, Solace, CICS* and homegrown middleware ¡ A single security model for all middleware ¡ Enhanced z/OS* monitoring, providing operational support for System z*, CICS, WMQ and DB2* ¡ WMQ 7.1 support ¡ Tracking of business process flows and status OS SUPPORT: z/OS 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11, Linux*, AIX* 7, IBM System p*, IBM i* (AS/400*), Windows* PRICE: variable URL: 38 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2012
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Editor's Desk: Been There, Done That
IBM Perspective: Not All Clouds Are Designed Equal
Insider: What's Really Driving Peak CPU Usage?
Focus on Storage: The DS8870 Provides up to Three Times the Performance of Its Predecessor
Case Study: A Capital Investment: DTCC implements tools to ensure its networking infrastructure is ready for anything
Cover Story: A Clear Vision for Cloud: System z GM Doug Balog on why zEnterprise provides a firm foundation for a secure cloud
Feature: Overcoming Cloud Obstacles: The benefits far outweigh the challenges associated with cloud integration
Tech Corner: From Silicon to Architecture, zEC12 Innovations Push the Envelope
Administrator: IBM zAware Extends z/OS Resilience to Another Level
Solutions: Attach Facility; DataSniff; AutoPilot; Eclipse; Correlog Enterprise Server 5.1
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2012