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System z GM Doug Balog on why zEnterprise provides a firm foundation for a secure cloud 3j>Z\VHVdeY`]UVc•AY`e`XcRaYjSj>ReeYVh8cVV_d]RUV he recent release of IBM SmartCloud* technology for System z* seeks to change how private cloud computing is implemented. By combining the mainframe platform’s exceptional virtualization, security and efficiency capabilities with an automated toolset, IBM is unleashing the power of the zEnterprise* System for cloud computing. To learn more about how the zEnterprise ecosystem is ideally suited for cloud computing as well as the future of cloud, IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition, spoke with Doug Balog, general manager, IBM System z. business needs. We recently celebrated 40 years of z/VM* technology, and it’s as critical today as it was then. It’s been the most virtualized platform—for the longest time—in the industry. And that continues to be a great way in which we differentiate ourselves in the market. Arguably, the mainframe was a cloud before cloud had a name. In pioneering virtualization technology, the IBM mainframe is a logical fit for cloud computing, isn’t it? The mainframe was built upon a long history of virtualization. It’s really the foundation of our platform. Virtualization has transformed the way enterprises use technology—offering them greater flexibility and the capability to tune their technology based on Why is the System z platform such a good one for building a cloud environment? If you look at the requirements clients request in a cloud, it starts with ultimate security. Security is a major concern when running multiple tenants in the cloud—tenants being multiple users. They each want their own domain, their own protection, and they don’t want to share data between domains. They want to know their information is protected. Security is a top requirement for enterprise cloud deployments, and the zEnterprise System builds the highest levels of security available—beginning with the chips, all the way to the system level.

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2012
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Editor's Desk: Been There, Done That
IBM Perspective: Not All Clouds Are Designed Equal
Insider: What's Really Driving Peak CPU Usage?
Focus on Storage: The DS8870 Provides up to Three Times the Performance of Its Predecessor
Case Study: A Capital Investment: DTCC implements tools to ensure its networking infrastructure is ready for anything
Cover Story: A Clear Vision for Cloud: System z GM Doug Balog on why zEnterprise provides a firm foundation for a secure cloud
Feature: Overcoming Cloud Obstacles: The benefits far outweigh the challenges associated with cloud integration
Tech Corner: From Silicon to Architecture, zEC12 Innovations Push the Envelope
Administrator: IBM zAware Extends z/OS Resilience to Another Level
Solutions: Attach Facility; DataSniff; AutoPilot; Eclipse; Correlog Enterprise Server 5.1
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Stop Run: IBM Distinguished Engineer Joe Temple Reflects on His Juggling Past
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2012