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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue Keep Your Eye on the Ball PHOTOGRAPH BY TRAVIS ANDERSON CONTRIBUTORS Bob Rogers A way with words A sought-after speaker and popular personality at SHARE conferences, IBM Distinguished Engineer Bob Rogers is rarely at a loss for words. This might be due, in part, to his interest in linguistics, despite no formal education on the topic. Today, Rogers describes himself as an amateur linguist, which he defines as “someone who loves to read about language, but is too lazy and undisciplined to actually learn any languages.” His mastery of English, however, is evident in this issue’s Tech Corner on page 32. James Bennett A sense for humor James Bennett, illustrator for the “SplitSecond Decisions” feature on page 28, has created humorous illustrations for multiple publications, including The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and Mad. The Pennsylvania resident also has illustrated books by comic legends Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (“The 2000 Year Old Man Goes to School”) and Jerry Seinfeld (“Halloween”). nyone who’s played—or even watched—baseball knows something about real-time analytics. In the half-second it takes for the ball to travel from the pitcher’s hand to home plate, a batter has a multitude of questions to answer. For organizations, business analytics gives them that “batter’s eye” to see what’s coming and react; enabling them to glean insights by analyzing data approaching like a 99 mph fastball. By effectively reacting to—or even predicting—events like shifts in consumer demand, supplychain issues or social media trends, they can gain an edge over competitors. That keen vision is enhanced further with the zEnterprise* EC12 (zEC12), the latest addition to the zEnterprise portfolio, announced recently by IBM. Get your first look at the zEC12 in our cover story on page 18. For more details, check out our online coverage at In addition, this issue focuses on how IBM System z* technology can deliver a comprehensive, secure data analytics environment. It includes two features on the topic—one explaining how the mainframe can help conquer the chaos often brought on by data mart proliferation (page 22), and the other on how the new SPSS* Modeler 15 enables split-second decisions through real-time scoring (page 28). No discussion of analytics would be complete without mentioning big A data. That’s covered as well. The IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing release (page 8) helps clients embrace information growth, deliver information faster and manage storage with less complexity. One company familiar with creating order from disorder is Commerce Bank (page 14). When its applicationdevelopment processes became unmanageable, it turned to a changemanagement solution from ISPW. For information on IBM business partner solutions, see the 2013 Mainframe Buyer’s Guide. Also included with this issue is the Women in Technology supplement featuring six key players in IBM’s larger ecosystem. Clearly, data analytics requires the latest and greatest platform, tools, knowledge and approach. When all of those come together, organizations are assured of hitting one out of the park. Mike Westholder, Managing Editor Contact Mike at 6 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Keep Your Eye on the Ball
IBM Perspective: Transforming Data Into Value
Focus on Storage: Smarter Solutions are Designed to Meet Increasing Demands for Information
Case Study: Bringing Order to Disorder: Commerce Bank employs an enterprisewide solution to track application changes
Cover Story: The Next Evolution in Hybrid Computing: IBM launches the second generation of zEnterprise-zEC12
Feature: Conquering Chaos: System z technology helps manage data mart complexities for business analytics
Feature: Split-Second Decisions: SPSS Modeler 15 offers real-time scoring for faster, more effective insights
Tech Corner: The What and Why of zEnterprise Millicode
Administrator: New DFSMS Features Increase the Availability of Data on System z
Solutions: CICS JS/Server V1.1 - DR/VFI- JCL-QA
Advertiser's Index
Stop Run: A 1440 Data Processing System Finds New Life After 50 Years
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Women in Technology
Services Blueprint: A New Category of Computing - IBM PureSystems family
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2012