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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace for rapid development of browser-based UI functions. The CICS JS/Server: ¡ Features simple installation and Resources RESOURCE Advertisers Index PAGE 11 implementation CICS JS/Server V1.1 Matter of Fact Software ¡ Can scale to meet the needs of high- Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. DTS Software, Inc. Compuware Edge Information Group GT Software, Inc., click on “Event Center” IBM Tech Conferences IBM Webinar, click on “Event Center” Innovation Data Processing Jolly Giant Software, Inc. MVS Solutions, Inc. Open Tech Systems, Inc Relational Architects International Share Organization Trident Services, Inc. Unicom Systems Visara International performance systems ¡ Supports Dojo Javascript Toolkit, 21 be installed and controlled on the IBM mainframe in partitioned data sets and served to Web applications via CICS. Such Javascript tools are frequently used A new offering, CICS* JS/Server V1.1, allows the Dojo Javascript* Toolkit to V.1.5.1, 1.6.1 and 1.7.2 OS SUPPORT: z/OS* 1.10 and above; 25 CICS TS versions 3.1 and above PRICE: Variable URL: 33 31 DR/VFI 21st Century Software ¡ Enhanced in-flight data reporting, a real-time component that provides a point-in-time indication of opened files, both VSAM and non-VSAM, and those potentially in a compromised state ¡ Virtual tape reconciliation for replicated T 38, C3 he latest release of the mainframe data-protection solution DR/VFI 4.4 includes new features and functionality that can enhance real-time operational recovery and can provide a guaranteed recovery time regardless of the application and assurance of meeting business service-level agreements. New features include: environments that—in conjunction with in-flight data reporting—provides an accurate depiction of compromised data ¡ The Real-Time SMF RT/SMF logger 9, 37 C1, C4 to capture and archive significant realtime events ¡ Enhanced virtual recovery simulator 4 functionality, which pre-evaluates applications’ capability to recover within the production environment OS SUPPORT: Up to z/OS* 1.13 PRICE: Variable URL: 1 C2 JCL-QA DTS Software ¡ Scan individual JCL job streams, entire libraries or job streams extracted from job scheduling systems 3 ¡ Enforce installation standards ¡ Perform system validation tests on suite that performs JCL analysis, validation and reporting. Expanded from the base Scan JCL feature in MONitor, JCL-QA uses the z/OS* Converter/ Interpreter to perform JCL conversion and then scans the converted data definition statements to extract necessary data set usage information. The new release can: D TS Software introduces JCL-QA, a new product within the MONitor local or remote systems running JCL-QA ¡ Process system-created control 12 blocks and drive them through validation routines or installation rules for standards enforcement 5 13 OS SUPPORT: All z/OS versions PRICE: Variable URL: 27 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 39

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Keep Your Eye on the Ball
IBM Perspective: Transforming Data Into Value
Focus on Storage: Smarter Solutions are Designed to Meet Increasing Demands for Information
Case Study: Bringing Order to Disorder: Commerce Bank employs an enterprisewide solution to track application changes
Cover Story: The Next Evolution in Hybrid Computing: IBM launches the second generation of zEnterprise-zEC12
Feature: Conquering Chaos: System z technology helps manage data mart complexities for business analytics
Feature: Split-Second Decisions: SPSS Modeler 15 offers real-time scoring for faster, more effective insights
Tech Corner: The What and Why of zEnterprise Millicode
Administrator: New DFSMS Features Increase the Availability of Data on System z
Solutions: CICS JS/Server V1.1 - DR/VFI- JCL-QA
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Stop Run: A 1440 Data Processing System Finds New Life After 50 Years
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Mainframe
Women in Technology
Services Blueprint: A New Category of Computing - IBM PureSystems family
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2012