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IBM Perspective Mainframe directions The Performance of Many, the Efficiency of One ptimization is a necessity in today’s data centers. When you consider the entirety of some data centers, the maze of connections can result in underutilization, high power usage, large footprints, excessive software licensing costs and the need for more people to manage the complexity. The easy fix of adding a few servers here and a few more there—too often considered a data center norm—drives rising IT costs. Ultimately, the ends don’t justify the means. Given the focus on reducing IT costs and simplifying our environment, we can all agree we’d like to optimize our data centers, but how? The answer is simple. It boils down to having the right technology. O To achieve optimization, IT must first be flexible. This can be achieved through a hybrid design that supports multiple workloads and architectures, yet is managed as one system. Through such an environment, we can achieve the highest utilization of resources and match the right workload with the right platform. Second, we need the capability to share resources—processors, memory and channels—to drive higher resource utilization. This can free up IT managers’ time and allow them to focus on developing additional services for customers. Centralized management and automation result in an efficient and adaptive systems infrastructure. Finally, IT needs to be responsive. Virtualization technologies can allow the IT team to respond to requests faster than ever before—from automatically scaling up or down to quick provisioning of services and resources. Arguably, only one solution on the market can deliver this type of an IT-optimized, secure, cloudlike environment: IBM’s zEnterprise* Greg Lotko, Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z J U LY/AU G U S T 2 0 12 9 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BOB MARTUS Virtualization technologies can allow the IT team to respond to requests faster than ever before. System, with its combination of core System z* capabilities, Power Systems* and System x* blades in the zEnterprise BladeCenter* Extension, and accelerators like the IBM DB2* Analytics Accelerator and the DataPower* appliance. This year, IBM celebrates the 40th anniversary of z/VM* virtualization technology, which can run hundreds to thousands of Linux* servers on a single mainframe running with or without other OSs. The z/VM virtualization technology extends unique business value to organizations by integrating applications and data while maintaining exceptional levels of availability, security and operational ease. The zEnterprise environment exploits a unique set of capabilities and technologies to deliver smaller server footprints—and with that, lower energy costs—reduced storage cost, improved flexibility, savings as a result of lower downtime and simplified management. The bottom line is that we achieve IT optimization—or a perfect, effective and functional state—when we implement the right kind of technology to lower IT costs and deliver higher business value.

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Editor's Desk: The Taste of Success
Dashboard: Pay by Phone - Current Conditions - Work Without Boundaries - Digital Personalities
IBM Perspective: The Performance of Many, the Efficiency of One
Trends: Why zBX Outperforms DIY When Deploying a Hybrid Infrastructure
Q&A: Accurate TCO Analysis Demonstrates the True Value of System z
IT Today: IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Streamlines Software Delivery
Case Study: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Shelter Insurance employs a measured approach in adopting Linux on zEnterprise 114
Cover Story: Internal Transformation: System z is at the center of initiative, which has saved the company $100 million so far
Feature: Large Memory Tames Big Data: The System z stack evolves to deliver business value from more memory
Tech Corner: A More Effective Comparison Starts With Relative Capacity
Administrator: JES2 Helps Expedite the Relocation of Data Volumes
Solutions: Double-Take Share 5.0 - Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions - MegaCryption DB - ASG-TMON for DB2 - Reflection Suite for X - Orchestrated IT
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2012