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Dashboard News to use Pay by Phone By 2020, carrying cash or credit cards will be old-fashioned, according to 65 percent of respondents in a recent survey. Instead, most people will use smart-device swiping to make purchases—rendering credit cards and cash unnecessary. The survey queried 1,021 technology stakeholders and critics in the mobile-payment industry. SOURCE: PEW RESEARCH CENTER’S INTERNET AND AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT AND ELON UNIVERSITY’S IMAGINING THE INTERNET CENTER DIGITAL As more consumers adopt digital devices, four distinct personalities IBM study, “Beyond Digital” (www. PERSONALITIES are emerging, according to a recent leadership/ibv-beyond-digital.html), which surveyed 3,800 consumers in six countries. The personalities are: tÁ&''*$*&/$:Á&91&354 who use Current Conditions With an estimated 2.9 million plug-in vehicles expected to be on the road by 2017, the drain on the world’s power supply will need to be mitigated. American Honda Motor Co. and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. have teamed up with IBM for a pilot project enabling communication between electric vehicles and the power grid. The goal is to test an electric vehicle’s ability to receive and respond to charge instructions based on grid conditions and the vehicle’s battery level. SOURCE: IBM devices and services to simplify daily activities tÁ$0/5&/5Á,*/(4 who play online games, download music, movies and watch TV on their devices tÁ40$*"-Á#655&3'-*&4 who emphasize social interaction and require instant access to friends tÁ$0//&$5&%Á."&45304 who take an advanced approach to media consumption by using mobile devices and apps to access games, music and video, or to check the news, weather or sports SOURCE:IBM Work Without Boundaries The ubiquitous presence of smartphones, mobile devices and social networking has dissolved workplace boundaries. Nearly all business executives—98 percent—polled by Gyro and Forbes Insights said they send work-related emails on nights and weekends. In addition, 63 percent of the 543 execs who took part in the @Work State of Mind study said they check work email every one or two hours. Only 3 percent said they never send or receive work emails or have business discussions while on vacation. SOURCE: GYRO 8 + 6 -:  " 6 ( 6 4 5 Á

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Editor's Desk: The Taste of Success
Dashboard: Pay by Phone - Current Conditions - Work Without Boundaries - Digital Personalities
IBM Perspective: The Performance of Many, the Efficiency of One
Trends: Why zBX Outperforms DIY When Deploying a Hybrid Infrastructure
Q&A: Accurate TCO Analysis Demonstrates the True Value of System z
IT Today: IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Streamlines Software Delivery
Case Study: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Shelter Insurance employs a measured approach in adopting Linux on zEnterprise 114
Cover Story: Internal Transformation: System z is at the center of initiative, which has saved the company $100 million so far
Feature: Large Memory Tames Big Data: The System z stack evolves to deliver business value from more memory
Tech Corner: A More Effective Comparison Starts With Relative Capacity
Administrator: JES2 Helps Expedite the Relocation of Data Volumes
Solutions: Double-Take Share 5.0 - Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions - MegaCryption DB - ASG-TMON for DB2 - Reflection Suite for X - Orchestrated IT
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Stop Run: Wreck Diving Brings IBMer Face to Face With Lost History
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2012