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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace Double-Take Share 5.0 Vision Solutions Inc. V ision Solutions Inc. releases DoubleTake Share 5.0 (formerly Replicate1), its solution for on-demand data sharing between leading database types in real time. Based on open standards and Java* technology, Double-Take Share’s tablebased GUI comes with more than 60 prebuilt transformations and requires no programming, reducing administrative time. Key features include: ¡ Enhanced replication for Microsoft* SQL Server databases provided through support for transaction log-based change data capture, which enhances replication performance and is less intrusive on database schema than trigger-based capture methods. Log-based change data capture provides SQL Server database users with real-time replication and the highest level of data mobility between databases ¡ Expanded support for data types ¡ Enhanced flat-file support that allows and data properties with support for expressions (i.e., a combination of identifiers, values and operators) in Unicode target columns, as well as by extension of the supported length of IBM i characters to 32K, the maximum length now supported by DB2* multiple delimiters of up to 10 characters. OS SUPPORT: z/OS* 1.11-1.8, IBM i 7.1-5.4, AIX* 7.1-5.3, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux*, Windows* PRICE: Variable URL: Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions Vanguard Integrity Professionals T reporting capabilities, enabling customers to achieve better security and respond to evolving regulatory requirements. Enhanced capabilities include: ¡ Vanguard Policy Manager controls the security of targeted profiles through $LEVEL policy. This new category of policies provides the ability to lock down multiple data set or general resource profiles based on the numerical value contained in the level field. ¡ Vanguard ez/Token supports authenti- he newest release of Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions includes support for IBM z/OS* 1.13, improved operational security management, expanded reporting capabilities and optimized performance enhancements. The new release is designed to provide more granular control and detailed cation per application. Applications such as CICS* and IMS* will, by default, authenticate through ez/Token two-factor authentication in lieu of RACF* password. ¡ Vanguard Administrator provides a new user certificate report, which captures and reports on digital certificate information. OS SUPPORT: z/OS 1.13 PRICE: Variable URL: 52 J U LY/AU G U S T 2 0 12

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Editor's Desk: The Taste of Success
Dashboard: Pay by Phone - Current Conditions - Work Without Boundaries - Digital Personalities
IBM Perspective: The Performance of Many, the Efficiency of One
Trends: Why zBX Outperforms DIY When Deploying a Hybrid Infrastructure
Q&A: Accurate TCO Analysis Demonstrates the True Value of System z
IT Today: IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Streamlines Software Delivery
Case Study: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Shelter Insurance employs a measured approach in adopting Linux on zEnterprise 114
Cover Story: Internal Transformation: System z is at the center of initiative, which has saved the company $100 million so far
Feature: Large Memory Tames Big Data: The System z stack evolves to deliver business value from more memory
Tech Corner: A More Effective Comparison Starts With Relative Capacity
Administrator: JES2 Helps Expedite the Relocation of Data Volumes
Solutions: Double-Take Share 5.0 - Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions - MegaCryption DB - ASG-TMON for DB2 - Reflection Suite for X - Orchestrated IT
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