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Trends Industry signals to keep you in the know A Smarter Path to Workload Optimization Why zBX outperforms DIY when deploying a hybrid infrastructure By Vic Leith F Editor’s note: Dave Hayslett, Fehmina Merchant, David Rhoderick, Emily Farmer and the System z Competitive Project Office contributed to this article. lat budgets, demand to support evolving business objectives, and constant pressure to do more, faster have IT administrators and technology decision makers looking for any advantage. Workload optimization can help ease this burden. By matching applications with the best OS or hardware platform for specific jobs and service requirements, organizations can improve efficiency, lower operational costs and better align technology with business requirements. measure of savings, several additional questions need to be asked when evaluating this strategy: One optimization approach is to reject bundled technology solutions in favor of a do-it-yourself (DIY) strategy for infrastructure evolution. After all, wouldn’t you save money by building your own customized solution from an a la carte menu of component parts? It’s possible, but unlikely. Although a DIY approach to workload optimization might deliver some h How much will you really save over time? h Have you considered aspects of a packaged solution that go beyond pricing and benchmarks? h What are you giving up? 10 J U LY/AU G U S T 2 0 12

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Editor's Desk: The Taste of Success
Dashboard: Pay by Phone - Current Conditions - Work Without Boundaries - Digital Personalities
IBM Perspective: The Performance of Many, the Efficiency of One
Trends: Why zBX Outperforms DIY When Deploying a Hybrid Infrastructure
Q&A: Accurate TCO Analysis Demonstrates the True Value of System z
IT Today: IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Streamlines Software Delivery
Case Study: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Shelter Insurance employs a measured approach in adopting Linux on zEnterprise 114
Cover Story: Internal Transformation: System z is at the center of initiative, which has saved the company $100 million so far
Feature: Large Memory Tames Big Data: The System z stack evolves to deliver business value from more memory
Tech Corner: A More Effective Comparison Starts With Relative Capacity
Administrator: JES2 Helps Expedite the Relocation of Data Volumes
Solutions: Double-Take Share 5.0 - Vanguard Security and Compliance Solutions - MegaCryption DB - ASG-TMON for DB2 - Reflection Suite for X - Orchestrated IT
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Stop Run: Wreck Diving Brings IBMer Face to Face With Lost History
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - July/August 2012