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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace Attunity Replicate Attunity A ttunity releases Attunity Replicate, a high-performance data replication software that can help organizations accelerate and reduce the cost of distributing, sharing and ensuring the availability of data for meeting businessoperation and business-intelligence needs. Attunity Replicate’s architecture facilitates the replication of big transaction data from databases including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2*. It offers: ¡ Click-2-Replicate design, which simplifies user experience by automating the steps required to build a replication solution with packaged software ¡ Zero-footprint technology, which reduces the impact on database platforms and IT operations, with log-based capture and delivery of transaction data that doesn’t require the Attunity software to be installed on the source and target database ¡ A competitive licensing model designed to offer faster ROI and lower total cost of ownership OS SUPPORT: DB2 for IBM i, UNIX*, Resources RESOURCE Advertisers Index PAGE 17, 19 Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. ColeSoft Marketing Inc. Compuware DTS Software IBM, click on “Event Center” IBM Rational IBM Systems Lab Services servicesblueprint IBM Tech Conferences INNOVATION Data Processing Jolly Giant Software Marist College 25 9 15 11 C3 Linux*, z/OS* and Windows* PRICE: Variable URL: 34 18, 37, 38 ISPF MQ Message Editor for z/OS Capitalware and Salem Software I SPF MQ Message Editor for z/OS* (z/ISPFMQ) is a new WebSphere* MQ message-editing solution designed to help companies accelerate the development of z/OS WebSphere MQ applications. It allows users to view, manipulate and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ and presents data in an easy-to-use format. Useful for application programmers, JMS developers, quality-assurance testers and production support personnel, z/ISPFMQ operates with WebSphere MQ versions 5.3.1, 6.0 and 7.0, in z/OS version 1.4 or higher environments. OS SUPPORT: z/OS 1.4 and above PRICE: $6,990 plus a 15 percent annual C4 4 19 MVS Solutions Inc. Novell OpenTech Systems, Inc. Relational Architects International, Inc. Share Organization Tributary Systems, Inc. Trident Services, Inc. Unicom Systems 1 maintenance fee URL: overview.html 7 C2 Voltage SecureData z/Protect Voltage Security V oltage SecureData z/Protect is designed to make encryption easier for any application in any z/OS* environment. The new API in Voltage SecureData z/Protect needs just one line of code. The new release: security subsystem ¡ Speeds implementation on the application side ¡ Leverages the System z* hardware’s own facilities ¡ Features centralized policy administration, reducing the need to understand most of the underlying code OS SUPPORT: z/OS 3 33 29 5 23 ¡ Offers a security solution for CICS*, PRICE: Starting at $72,000 URL: DB2* and IMS* environments ¡ Takes advantage of the native z/OS zprotect.htm MAY/JUNE 2 012 39

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2012
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: System z and Linux: The IT Odd Couple?
IBM Perspective: Opportunities Abound With Linux on System z
Insider: Virtualization Brings New Technology to Mainframe Tape
IT Today: What to Consider When Adding a Linux Workload to Your z/VM System
Cover Story: Better Together: Linux on System z gains followers as clients discover its performance and value
Features: Successes Mount for Linux on Mainframe: Usage patterns evolve, building value for organizations
Tech Corner: zHPF Improves Upon Mainframe's I/O Capabilities
Administrator: System Cryptography Capabilities Enable Linux Applications to Run Securely and Efficiently
Solutions/Advertisers Index: Attunity Replicate - ISPF MQ Message Editor for z/OS - Voltage SecureData z/Protect
Stop Run: Destination z Project Manager's Childhood Interest Leads to Impressive Collection
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Special Supplement: Innovate 2012
Special Supplement: Services Blueprint: IBM Systems Lab Services and Training

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - May/June 2012