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IBM Perspective Mainframe directions Smarter Computing, Enterprise Modernization and the Mainframe t’s common business sense to make the most out of the assets we have— whether it’s real estate, intellectual property or systems technology. At IBM, we’re practicing smarter computing to operate more efficiently, and one way we achieve that is through enterprise modernization. Enterprise modernization makes the most out of your company’s assets. It can enable organizations to shift the economic discussion for IT from technology costs to the creation of business value from each transaction completed. IBM’s System z* platform provides a great opportunity for enterprise modernization. With it, you can take the critical application assets already on your mainframe today and extend their value with new paradigms of enterprise I ON THE WEB Visit to learn more. Greg Lotko, Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z 8 PHOTOGRAPH BY MATT CARR computing, including mobile devices, analytics and cloud computing. You can also exploit decades’ worth of business value embodied in your core applications by reusing the proven code that runs your core business processes. Modern tools, compilers and runtimes for System z and the IBM zEnterprise* System can help you develop, test and deploy new services much more efficiently and with far less business risk than building completely new services from scratch. By evaluating your portfolio to determine which applications are critical to the business and those that can be stabilized, you can invest in creating essential interfaces and building integration with new workloads. You can enable rapid change of the business logic to meet new requirements. Organizations looking to deploy new services as extensions of their core business processes can do that by modernizing and extending core applications and preparing them for reuse. IBM offerings specifically designed for modernizing mainframe applications can address these challenges by extracting proven code for reuse, leveraging existing and new skills, simplifying development and deployment, and improving performance. Enterprise modernization software for System z can help organizations become more: h Aligned. Expand business opportunities by utilizing modern tools, IT and line-of-business collaboration to understand and gain additional value from existing assets. hÁAgile. Deploy service oriented architecture solutions such as SMART SOA* to connect and enable new capabilities more efficiently, based on using the proven code that already runs your core business processes. hÁResponsive. Gain insight to a clear and concise real-time view of operational processes to act faster and more decisively to maintain a competitive advantage. IBM applies extensive industry and technology expertise to help transform existing applications on System z. In this way, clients better align IT investments with their business objectives over time and do more with less IT infrastructure. The end result: smarter computing.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2012
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Rethinking System z
IBM Perspective: Smarter Computing, Enterprise Modernization and the Mainframe
Insider: Proper Tools Can Bring Flexibility to Application Development
IT Today: Six Things You Didn't Know About the Modern Mainframe
Trends: Seven Reasons IT Projects Fail
Cover Story: Agile Thinking: How to leverage existing technology to gain a competitive advantage
Features: All Together Now: A centralized business analytics environment delivers great value
Improving Upon the Gold Standard: System z pushes the limits of high availability
Tech Corner: Processor Design Innovations Empower the z196
Developer: Accurate Project Scoping Helps Map Out a Faster Route to Success
Solutions/Advertiser's Index: PASSPORT Host Integration Objects - LegaSuite 6
Stop Run: Mainframer Clarence Golson Reflects on a Diverse Career Built on a Single Platform

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2012