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IBM Perspective Mainframe directions The Changing Data Center Editor’s Note: This is the first in what will be a regular column by Greg Lotko, IBM vice president and business line executive for System z*, in IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition. t’s an exciting time to be leading the IBM System z* organization. When I first took this role in mid-2010, we were just launching the IBM zEnterprise* System—our newest mainframe, with POWER7* blade support, and which recently expanded to include System x* blades running Linux* and Windows*. What I find so exciting is that with each addition to the System z family and ecosystem, the mainframe continues to find new ways to help businesses and organizations become more flexible, more scalable, more efficient. Yes, this is the platform that IBM has built upon since the 1960s. We invest heavily in the System z technology, as do our partners—and the investment makes sense. Today’s mainframe is green and fast. It provides our clients with great value. It can manage and process huge amounts of data and transactions. And it can play an instrumental role in optimizing data centers. Four years ago, IBM embarked on its smarter-computing journey. As part of that, we implemented an optimized systems’ strategy that focused on selecting the best platform for each workload. Some went to z/OS* or Linux on System z. Other workloads made better sense on Linux or Windows on System x, and still others on the Power* platform or IBM i. But because we took the time to match workloads with systems, IBM has seen approximately $100 million in savings to date. The workloads of more than 5,700 servers so far have been consolidated or migrated, reducing floor space by 47,000 square feet and saving energy in excess of 20,000 megawatt hours. My favorite piece of this story is that migrations to System z have delivered nearly 60 percent of the project’s total cumulative savings to date. The System z platform delivers the highest ROI and biggest reduction in total cost of ownership of any target platform. In addition to implementing optimized systems, we realized that cloud-computing technologies provided an opportunity to accelerate our smarter computing journey. We launched Blue Insight, IBM’s internal cloud environment for business analytics, and offered access to IBM sales teams and developers. The cloud consolidates information for more than 180,000 IBMers from more than 115 different information warehouses and data stores, providing analytics on more than a petabyte of data. Users now have access to new insight into clients’ IT needs. Again, System z technology played a role here. Blue Insight is running on one System z platform—32 processors for production, 18 processors for development and test environments—with strong cryptography, capable of handling up to 10,000 secure transactions per second, with redundant backup support. IBM’s smarter-computing journey continues to evolve. With the adoption of zEnterprise and its hybrid support, we’re giving clients greater opportunity to simplify their data centers and achieve smarter computing. Greg Lotko Vice President and Business Line Executive for System z I Today’s mainframe is green and fast. It provides our clients with GREAT VALUE. 8 PHOTOGRAPHY BY OF MATT CARR

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012
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Editor’s Desk: Simplicity Itself
IBM Perspective: The Changing Data Center
Insider: Solve the DevOps Challenge With Orchestrated IT
Q&A: Guru Rao Explains How a Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: A Comfortable Place: Furniture Brands rests easier with SecureAgent's backup and recovery solution
Cover Story: Smarter By Design: "That's the way to build capacity and hold costs flat," says IBM VP Doug Brown
Feature: Another Dimension: What sets the zEnterprise environment apart?
Tech Corner: How You Do What You Do When You're a z196 CPU
Tips & Techniques: Virtualization Reshapes How Data Is Stored
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Stop Run: Through Three Generations, One Family's Story Shows That While Technology Has Changed, IBM's Fundamental Mission Hasn't
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012