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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue Simplicity Itself CONTRIBUTORS Jeff Frey Audio nirvana For the past 25 years, IBM Fellow Jeffrey Frey, co-author of “Another Dimension” on page 26, has been perfecting the ultimate home sound system. He experiments with the latest technology—audiophile-grade DACs, digital playback software, pre-amps, etc.—in his quest for audio nirvana. PHOTOGRAPH BY TRAVIS ANDERSON N John Eells Underwater explorer In his free time, John Eells, co-author of “Another Dimension” on page 26, enjoys wreck diving. Once, he explored the U-853, the last German U-boat sunk in U.S. waters in World War II. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard sank the submarine after it had attacked a collier called the Black Point. Eells has explored that shipwreck as well. Nitin Vadukul A-list photographer Nitin Vadukul is a photographer, filmmaker and avid dreamer. Vadukul has shot portraits of such celebrities as Ozzy Osbourne and Tim Roth. With our cover shot, he can add IBM celebrity VP Doug Brown to the list. o one ever asks for a more convoluted explanation, a harder-to-use computer application or a less-clear draft of an article. In every case, we strive to simplify our lives, our work, our prose. It isn’t easy, though, which is why those who fundamentally clarify our understanding of the world around us (e.g., Einstein, Confucius, Hemingway) are dubbed “geniuses.” Today, we live and work in a complex world that grows increasingly complicated. We’re bombarded with new data and new sources of that data. Gleaning clear insight from this cacophony of information while streamlining organizations and technology might be business’ single greatest challenge of the 21st century. Overcoming this challenge doesn’t take a genius, just a smarter approach. And that’s ultimately what’s behind IBM’s smarter computing initiative. It’s about increasing efficiency and intelligence while reducing costs and energy consumption. In this issue, we explore smarter computing in depth. Our cover story on page 20 features IBM Vice President Doug Brown, who explains how smarter computing can expand an organization’s capacity while keeping costs flat. IBM Fellow Guru Rao shares what the Smarter Planet* initiative means to enterprises in a Q&A on page 13. In addition, our series by IBM Fellows and Distinguished Engineers continues with a feature by Jeff Frey and John Eells on the three components that set the zEnterprise* platform apart on page 26. Digging deeper, IBM Distinguished Engineer Bob Rogers outlines how the zEnterprise 196 CPU does what it does on page 31. In this issue’s case study on page 16, we learn how Furniture Brands sought to simplify its backup and recovery solution. Doing so enabled the organization to cut its disaster-recovery costs in half and more effectively utilize IT staff. That’s simpler and smarter. Clearly, when empowered by the right technology and smarter approach, any organization can hurdle the obstacles big data presents. You just need to keep it simple. Mike Westholder, Managing Editor Contact Mike at 6 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2 012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Simplicity Itself
IBM Perspective: The Changing Data Center
Insider: Solve the DevOps Challenge With Orchestrated IT
Q&A: Guru Rao Explains How a Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: A Comfortable Place: Furniture Brands rests easier with SecureAgent's backup and recovery solution
Cover Story: Smarter By Design: "That's the way to build capacity and hold costs flat," says IBM VP Doug Brown
Feature: Another Dimension: What sets the zEnterprise environment apart?
Tech Corner: How You Do What You Do When You're a z196 CPU
Tips & Techniques: Virtualization Reshapes How Data Is Stored
Solutions: CA Mainframe Application Turner - M4Workbench Eclipse - Virtual Machine Backup
Resources: Advertisers’ Index
Stop Run: Through Three Generations, One Family's Story Shows That While Technology Has Changed, IBM's Fundamental Mission Hasn't
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012