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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace APM, development and testing activities, CA Mainframe Application Tuner integrates with: ¡ CA Technologies cross-platform APM Resources RESOURCE Advertisers’ Index PAGE 25 35 7 33 24 Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. ColeSoft Marketing, Inc. Compuware DTS Software, Inc. IBM Technical Conferences INNOVATION Data Processing Jolly Giant Software Inc. Marist College MVS Solutions Inc. OpenTech Systems, Inc. Relational Architects International, Inc. SecureAgent Software SHARE CA Mainframe Application Tuner CA Technologies T he CA Mainframe Application Tuner combines two applicationperformance management (APM) tools with new integration capabilities to help IT organizations pinpoint and resolve performance issues. The new integration is designed to help performance managers more quickly and easily identify and mitigate the root causes of application performance inefficiencies in z/OS*-based systems to improve response times and lower CPU consumption. To help streamline solution by automatically providing drill-down details about mainframe performance issues to IT analysts and insulating them from complexities of the applications and OS ¡ CA Endevor Software Change Manager and key testing solutions, including CA InterTest and CA SymDump, to automate and simplify the process by which developers can view and update their programs and avoid manual errors ¡ CA Mainframe Software Manager, to streamline its acquisition, installation, deployment and maintenance OS SUPPORT: z/OS PRICE: Variable URL: C4 23 19 1 C2 3 23 37, C3 11 5 9 C1, 15 M4Workbench Eclipse Macro 4 oftware and services company Macro 4 has introduced support for the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) with a new suite of Eclipse plugins for mainframe application development, fault analysis S and session management. The plugins are offered alongside the M4Workbench Eclipse framework. Eclipse plugins for z/OS* abend analysis and z/OS session management are now available. OS SUPPORT: z/OS PRICE: Variable URL: Tributary Systems, Inc. Trident Services, Inc. Unicom Systems, Inc. Visara International Virtual Machine Backup STORServer V ersion 4 of STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) now supports the use of VMware’s* changed block tracking and enables direct copy to and from VMware and IBM Tivoli* Storage Manager (TSM) without an intervening proxy copy. The result is substantially reduced full backup and archive times. VMB controls backups of VMware virtual environments through a graphical interface and supports backup of VMs from all TSM Server platforms. The software uses the new VMware vStorage APIs to reduce the impact of backup on production servers by controlling the movement of data to and from disk storage into TSM storage pools without using agents or the VMware servers. It eliminates the tasks of writing scripts or managing TSM schedules and option files. Additional enhancements include: ¡ An optional setting that allows for nonquiesced snapshots ¡ More detailed client log messages ¡ Successful backups of virtual machines with hidden partitions OS SUPPORT: Windows* PRICE: STORServer Console for 1 TSM Server—$2,800; Additional Server License—$1,495 URL: JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2 012 25 39

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Simplicity Itself
IBM Perspective: The Changing Data Center
Insider: Solve the DevOps Challenge With Orchestrated IT
Q&A: Guru Rao Explains How a Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: A Comfortable Place: Furniture Brands rests easier with SecureAgent's backup and recovery solution
Cover Story: Smarter By Design: "That's the way to build capacity and hold costs flat," says IBM VP Doug Brown
Feature: Another Dimension: What sets the zEnterprise environment apart?
Tech Corner: How You Do What You Do When You're a z196 CPU
Tips & Techniques: Virtualization Reshapes How Data Is Stored
Solutions: CA Mainframe Application Turner - M4Workbench Eclipse - Virtual Machine Backup
Resources: Advertisers’ Index
Stop Run: Through Three Generations, One Family's Story Shows That While Technology Has Changed, IBM's Fundamental Mission Hasn't
Reference Point - Global events, Education, Resources of Mainframe

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - January/February 2012