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Stop Run An eclectic take on the mainframe world Child’s Play Miguel Gallego’s love of building things led him to a career as an IMS enterprise architect By Sara Aase Miguel Gallego, IMS enterprise architect for Banco de España C hildhood interests have a funny way of resurfacing in adulthood, as if they’ve been steering us all along. crisis. Unemployment was very high.” A large Spanish retailer took a chance on him because of his university background. “I knew nothing about computers,” he says. “I had to start from scratch.” He started with IMS as a COBOL programmer in 1997. “When I coded and executed my first IMS transaction, it looked to me like magic,” he recalls. Today, he plans and designs the enterprise architecture and application development that supports global financial transactions. Gallego is pleasantly surprised to find his work often reminds him of his days as an auto mechanic. “It is similar to how a mechanic works in that you have a set of tools with an infinite number of ways to combine them to solve problems.” One engineering challenge he faced was building a standalone banking application that required 20 people and “very big” computers, and running it in a virtualized Take Miguel Gallego, IMS* enterprise architect for Banco de España in Madrid. As a boy, his first love was cars. Growing up, he frequented a car repair shop and eventually got a job there. “I liked the engines, the mechanics, the wiring, the electrical devices,” he recalls. “I wanted to work with my hands, building things.” To further pursue this love, Gallego enrolled in technical school—a decision his parents didn’t like because a technical-school track didn’t typically lead to a university education. But there, he quickly fell in love with science, and after technical school and a stint in the army, he enrolled at the University of Madrid. He graduated with a degree in physics. This may seem like a roundabout way to an IT career. “I spent a year trying to get some kind of work,” Gallego says. “It was the spring of 1996, and there was a very big economic environment. Combining his knowledge of databases, teleprocessing, programming languages and the technology that goes into all of them requires skill and creativity. “You have your technical and market parameters, but inside of those, there is a lot of freedom to look at many different ways you might find that perfect solution.” Gallego hopes to spend the rest of his career working with IBM mainframes, exploring new challenges. One way he sees his career potentially growing and changing is in increasing collaboration with European partners. He travels frequently and particularly enjoys learning how his counterparts approach their work. If Gallego has one regret, it’s that today’s automobile engines are a bit of a mystery. “I open my car’s hood, and I can’t understand the mechanics.” Sara Aase is a Minneapolisbased freelance writer. 48 N OV E M B E R / D ECE M B E R 2 011

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011