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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace Resources RESOURCE Advertisers’ Index PAGE 39 2,3 19 11 23 21 C3 Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. Vanguard Configuration Manager Vanguard Integrity Professionals ¡ Enables the Department of Defense anguard Configuration Manager is a fully automated security configuration control scanner for System z*. The software enables compliance with Federal Information Security Management Act requirements by automatically testing against the System z security technical implementation guide (STIG). The new release: ¡ Automatically scans for compliance with V and its outsourcers to comply with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) STIG requirements and the continuous monitoring requirements found in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 ¡ Can save thousands of hours annually on quarterly NIST- and DISA-required assessments of System z OS SUPPORT: z/OS PRICE: MSU, MIPs, SITE and Enterprise Licensing options URL: CA Technologies ColeSoft Marketing, Inc. DataVantage DTS Software, Inc. GFS Software IBM IBM Lab Services servicesblueprint INNOVATION Data Processing Jolly Giant Software Inc. Marist College 43 C4 27 27 7 C2 5 33 31 9 1 the NCP z/OS* STIG checklists CleverView for cTrace Analysis V7.0 AES leverView for cTrace Analysis V7.0 delivers an end-to-end trace view for virtualized environments. It supports IBM zEnterprise* System with analysis of network traffic for multiarchitecture environments. Users can simultaneously schedule start and stop traces for end-to-end trace views from z/OS*, Linux*, Open Systems Adapter (OSA)Express, HiperSockets* and Microsoft* Windows*. New features include: C ¡ HiperSockets Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) support with enhanced virtual LAN, HiperSockets NTA and OSAENTA trace analysis ¡ OSA real-time diagnostic capabilities ¡ Enhanced packet trace options ¡ SU command to provide improved Linux/UNIX* tracing OS SUPPORT: z/OS, Microsoft MVS Solutions Inc. OpenTech Systems, Inc. Relational Architects International, Inc. SHARE SUSE Linux Trident Services, Inc. Velocity Software, Inc. Voltage Security, Inc., click “Event Center” Windows* XP, Windows Server 2003 PRICE: Available upon request URL: 17 Serena Release Manager Serena Software Inc. A n end-to-end release management solution, Serena Release Manager combines application lifecycle management technology with release automation, combining release control, vault and automation. This enables release managers, dev-ops and IT operations teams to plan, control, coordinate and automate the deployment of application releases and changes in the data center and to the cloud on both mainframe and distributed systems. New functionality found in the solution includes: ¡ Dashboard with release management key performance indicators ¡ Visual release calendar for managing all releases ¡ Integrations for Serena Release Control, Serena Release Vault and Serena Release Automation OS SUPPORT: UNIX*, Linux*, Windows*, z/OS* and Linux on System z* PRICE: Variable URL: N OV E M B E R / D ECE M B E R 2 011 47

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011