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IT Today Addressing IT challenges worldwide Fit for the Future New IMS 12 offers flexibility and support for business growth By Sandy Sherrill T he IMS* 12 era has arrived, and with it comes a release that builds even more performance into what is arguably the fastest database-management system (DBMS) on the market. IMS on System z* manages one of the largest bases of mission-critical applications and critical operational data in the world. Architected for Performance IMS 12 was designed to lower costs through simplification, growth enablement and business flexibility. Because it’s built on the IBM System z platform, which continues to offer the highest levels of virtualization in the industry, you can enjoy synergy with other System z components. IMS 12 helps organizations manage IT’s top-three challenges: reducing cost, improving service and reducing risk. With it, you can continue to trust IMS with your most important business asset: operational data. From its performance gains to its key integration points across the robust IBM portfolio, IMS 12 is truly fit for your future. 16 N OV E M B E R / D ECE M B E R 2 011

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011