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Insider Insights from the industry The Big Catch With the right strategy and tools, businesses can capitalize on big data By Adam Cohen A s an IT worker and consumer, I’m inundated with buzzwords. Today’s “cloud” is yesterday’s “server farm.” The hot buzzword certain to drive revenue for software, hardware and services vendors is “big data.” It refers to multiple petabytes of data that require ever expanding and more capable databases, data warehouses and servers. Data Explosion Thanks to social-networking sites like Facebook, marketers like me have a true opportunity to learn more about the likes and preferences of potential customers. Leveraging that information is a big data and business intelligence (BI) software opportunity to make an organization more competitive, and optimize operations and performance. Digital While each new technological innovation brings yet another buzzword, in this case there really is a big-data explosion. Enterprises are privy to more and more data with increasing granularity and frequency, capturing customer interactions with personalized demographic data across different environments. This triggers a need for increased storage, analytics, data integration and quality tools. 12 N OV E M B E R / D ECE M B E R 2 011 ILLUSTRATION BY DAN PAGE

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2011