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Insider Insights from the industry The Right Formula Testing proves deduplication for mainframes is worthwhile By Thomas J. Meehan T his past spring many vendors and customers assembled at the SHARE user group conference in Anaheim for a roundtable discussion on the value of deduplication in a z/OS* environment. Their mission was to share information and relate experiences in four areas (see “Deduplication Considerations,” page 17). customer expectations, others arbitrarily question the value of mainframe deduplication, especially in conjunction with mainframe backup. Fortunately, arbitrary arguments that deduplication doesn’t help reduce z/OS backup storage don’t hold up under scrutiny of the facts, and there really aren’t any valid arguments against z/OS mainframe users applying deduplication technology. Comparing mainframe backupreduction percentages, deduplication alone might not demonstrate the same dramatic reductions as seen when applying deduplication technology in environments using less-sophisticated—or simple fullvolume—backup solutions. Typically, z/OS data-protection solutions already offer sophisticated datareduction techniques. They may, for example, select only files that change (incremental backup) to reduce their backstore requirement, or they only change files from disk while copying forward unchanging data from prior The group concluded that results will vary, but adding a deduplication backstore to a mainframe virtual-tape solution is a winner. Data Reduction for Backup While some industry analysts are legitimately trying to set appropriate 16 S E P TE M B E R /O CTO B E R 2 011 ILLUSTRATION BY DUSTIN MILLER Virtual Tape a Prerequisite Introducing deduplication technology in a z/OS mainframe environment implies employing a Virtual Tape Library (VTL). Considerations about a VTL may include: How often are you constrained by a limited number of physical tape drives? Do you have to run many of your backup jobs serially? How often do you have to wait to copy data from one tape to another? What’s the advantage to running all of your backups in parallel? Employing VTL technology has its pros and cons, especially as a backup repository. Consequently, this discussion is limited to deduplication and data reduction related to mainframe sites that already employ a VTL.

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - September/October 2011
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - September/October 2011