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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace zHISR Phoenix Software International hoenix Software’s zHISR uses data created by z/OS* Hardware Instrumentation Services (HIS) on IBM System z10* or zEnterprise* mainframe processors to produce hot spot analysis reports. These reports can be used to help tune applications by locating the specific sections of code that are the biggest CPU consumers. zHISR also: P ¡ Includes a z/OS UNIX* file-system interface for navigating, browsing and deleting files ¡ Enables users to start or stop a HIS data collection event or view the status of a current or prior run ¡ Redirects zHISR CPU processing to a System z Integrated OS SUPPORT: z/OS version 1.8 and higher PRICE: Starting at $5,000 URL: Storage Director/ViTAL Backup Virtualization for z/OS Tributary Systems Inc. Advanced Accelerator for FICON Brocade I BM has qualified Brocade Advanced Accelerator for FICON* on the latest generation of Brocade storage area networking (SAN) extension solutions used to connect geographically dispersed data centers. This new solution optimizes mainframe application performance between data centers, allowing customers to more effectively accommodate applications that demand high bandwidth between their data centers, such as data replication and Virtual Tape Servers (VTS). Brocade Advanced Accelerator for FICON extends the capabilities of the Brocade 7800 Extension Switch and Brocade FX8-24 Extension Blade to provide unprecedented effectiveness for mainframe business continuance, disaster recovery, global data mobility and consolidation. According to the company, customers can expect: ¡ Improved FICON read and write performance over distance ¡ Enhanced data protection while meeting recovery objectives ¡ Faster backup and disaster-recovery operations ¡ Reduced WAN bandwidth use and cost ¡ Support for new solutions while protecting existing investments OS SUPPORT: TS7700 virtualization engine, z/OS* Global Mirror (XRC) PRICE: Variable URL: torage Director/ViTAL is a high-availability, backup virtualization and consolidation solution for heterogeneous IT environments. It enables customers with disparate data center environments, and with legacy storage hardware backup environments running different operating systems, to consolidate and reduce both storage infrastructure and maintenance costs. Storage Director/ViTAL: ¡ Enables fully automated data backup to disk, data deduplication technology and tape resources ¡ Supports advanced replication capabilities for off-site data protection and restore operations from remote, unmanned, lights-out data centers OS SUPPORT: z/OS* PRICE: Variable URL: S 50 J U LY/AU G U S T 2 0 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2011

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2011
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Optimistic, for Good Reason
Data Display: Hardware in Three Centuries
Insider: Improving Tools Ultimately Increases Productivity
Focus on Storage: Tivoli NetView for z/OS and OMEGAMON for Mainframe Networks Team Up
Trends: CICS TS V4.2 Provides a Balanced Release for Everyone
Case Study: Primerica Inc. Secures Its Data on a zEnterprise 196
Cover Story: A Smarter Computing-Based Infrastructure Enables a Smarter Planet
Delivering Client Value: IBM VPs Foresee Another Century of Innovation
Icons of Progress: The Making of International Business Machines
Tech Corner: CICS TS V4.2 Addresses Customer Needs in Five Key Areas
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IBM Perspective: 100 Years of Innovation
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IBM 100: Profiles of 10 innovative IBMers
2011 Mainframe Buyer's Guide

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2011