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Tech Corner Programming, systems operations and more Five-Fold Improvement CICS TS V4.2 addresses customer needs in five key areas By Catherine Moxey ICS* Transaction Server (TS) version 4.2 delivers a smarter transaction-processing experience with new and enhanced capabilities across five major technology areas. It offers a balanced range of capabilities, improving the efficiency and scalability in its core set of functions as well as continuing to evolve into modern application and serviceenablement styles. The release delivers on many customer demands and positions CICS to take full advantage of IBM zEnterprise* System. CICS TS V4.2 offers extensions to 1) event-processing support, 2) a modern and scalable Java* runtime, 3) further strengthening of connectivity, 4) exploitation of advanced features of z/OS* and System z* to scale for increasing workloads, and 5) powerful manageability. tasks in the system going above or below a specified percentage of the maximum allowed in the system, or transactions abending. The system events of interest can be specified to the system in a noninvasive way, using the Event Binding Editor within the CICS Explorer. Among other event enhancements, a new synchronous emission mode allows emission of the most critical application events to be assured, with such events becoming an integral part of the application. If the event fails to be emitted, the transaction will be abended. C 1 Event-Processing Enhancements Support for noninvasively capturing events from CICS has been enhanced in many ways; the most significant is the introduction of system events. This is an important new capability, which can provide insight into your systems and allow you to react immediately to status changes of system resources. These system events are detected without using any polling, providing immediate notification of changes such as files becoming disabled, closed, or failing to open, the number of 2 Java Environment Extensions A new JVM server environment in CICS uses a multithreaded model and is now the preferred choice for Java application usage. A single JVM server can support hundreds of tasks executing Java simultaneously. 48 22 J U LY/AU G U S T 2 0 11

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2011
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Editor’s Desk: Optimistic, for Good Reason
Data Display: Hardware in Three Centuries
Insider: Improving Tools Ultimately Increases Productivity
Focus on Storage: Tivoli NetView for z/OS and OMEGAMON for Mainframe Networks Team Up
Trends: CICS TS V4.2 Provides a Balanced Release for Everyone
Case Study: Primerica Inc. Secures Its Data on a zEnterprise 196
Cover Story: A Smarter Computing-Based Infrastructure Enables a Smarter Planet
Delivering Client Value: IBM VPs Foresee Another Century of Innovation
Icons of Progress: The Making of International Business Machines
Tech Corner: CICS TS V4.2 Addresses Customer Needs in Five Key Areas
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2011