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Trends Industry signals to keep you in the know Mind the Gap DataPower support for zEnterprise extends its multiplatform capabilities By Natalie Boike A s service oriented architectures (SOAs) have evolved, so have the technologies and languages that support these Web services. For a business to fully leverage its data, it must be mindful of the gap between the records themselves and the services that rely on them. but most of data is still sorted and stored in different formats. DataPower transforms and exposes that content as XML from the native format—such as CICS*—so it can be implemented on the Web or given to consumers or systems.” A Brief History WebSphere DataPower has been meeting SOA, security and integration needs since IBM acquired DataPower and its XML-integration technologies in 2005. The WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50 for zEnterpise (XI50z), announced Feb. 12, extends its capabilities. 26 M A RCH /A PR I L 2 011 PHOTOGRAPHY BY (LEFT) REALSMILEY/FLICKR (RIGHT) BROWNPAU/FLICKR The splintered infrastructures used to store, manage and expose data make it difficult to effectively use information to its full potential. The integration of WebSphere* DataPower * and the zEnterprise* System extend the security and integration capabilities to a multiplatform architecture—ultimately improving XML/Web services and SOA integrations, security and throughput, while lowering costs and time to market for new services. IBM recognizes the importance of sharing and integrating data across platforms, says Gari Singh, IBM product manager of SOA Appliances. “XML is that interoperable dialect,

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2011
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Editor's Desk: Predicting a Good Read
Dashboard: Charging Ahead
Data Display: Smarter Cities Large and Small
Think Smarter: Capture Insight From Real-Time Operational Data With Smart Analytics Systems
Insider: Agnostic Development Tools Support Mainframe-Centric Businesses
Trends: DataPower Support for zEnterprise Extends its Multiplatform Capabilities
Case Study: Citigroup tames its backup environment with dedicated mainframes.
Driving Outcomes: Successful companies fuel business with predictive analytics.
Hurdling Barriers to Success: IBM demonstrates Cognos BI on Systems z is less expensive than x86 deployments.
Tips and Techniques: Overcome Eight Key Service-Delivery Challenges and Reduce Costs
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Stop Run: Bijan Davari Changed the Computer Chip®
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2011