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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue CONTRIBUTORS PHOTOGRAPH BY TRAVIS ANDERSON Training for Health Kathy Konkel, author of the cover story, spends her spare time running and training for triathlons. Three years ago she couldn’t swim the length of a pool, and now can swim close to a mile in open water. She also completed her first marathon in Chicago last year. Predicting a Good Read K, I’ll admit that during the cold winter months I’m a bit of a couch potato. While other Minnesotans are out snow shoeing, skiing or sledding, I’m under a blanket eating popcorn and watching television. However, there are only so many shows and movies I can watch before it gets monotonous. That’s why one of my new obsessions is on-demand movies. I subscribe to a service that allows me one DVD per month, and unlimited movies streaming though the Internet. I recently discovered a new feature of this service. Based on the rating I give movies, the rental service predicts other movies I’d like. Most of the time, when I’ve seen a recommended movie, even the predicted rating (out of five stars) is spot on! When reading the articles for this issue, I began to think about the technology enabling these Not so Koi On warm summer evenings, Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine’s senior writer, and his wife like to relax next to their koi pond. The fish, which aren’t actually koi but of the less-expensive comet variety, survive the Michigan winter thanks to a heater and bubbler that keep the water open. O recommendations. It’s a perfect example of IBM’s approach to smarter analytics; it goes beyond collecting and responding to business information, and takes it one step further to analyze the information and predict future business patterns. Get the overview on this approach in the Think Smarter column on page 18. You’ll also find articles about SPSS offerings that help discover patterns in data (page 32) and the cost effectiveness of Cognos* on System z* servers (page 36). Based on my experience with previous issues, I think this is one you’ll rate at five stars. Natalie Boike, Managing Editor Contact Natalie at 12 M A RCH /A PR I L 2 011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2011

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2011
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Predicting a Good Read
Dashboard: Charging Ahead
Data Display: Smarter Cities Large and Small
Think Smarter: Capture Insight From Real-Time Operational Data With Smart Analytics Systems
Insider: Agnostic Development Tools Support Mainframe-Centric Businesses
Trends: DataPower Support for zEnterprise Extends its Multiplatform Capabilities
Case Study: Citigroup tames its backup environment with dedicated mainframes.
Driving Outcomes: Successful companies fuel business with predictive analytics.
Hurdling Barriers to Success: IBM demonstrates Cognos BI on Systems z is less expensive than x86 deployments.
Tips and Techniques: Overcome Eight Key Service-Delivery Challenges and Reduce Costs
Advertisers’ Index
Stop Run: Bijan Davari Changed the Computer Chip®
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - March/April 2011