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Economics Dr. Howard Rubin discusses mainframe efficiencies and the zEnterprise System By Sara Aase pend now, save later. That’s one IT philosophy that could take root after reviewing the results of Dr. Howard A. Rubin’s research on the economics of business technology. While the mainframe has always been known for its reliability, availability and serviceability, it could be said these qualities come at a cost. However, Rubin, founder and CEO of Rubin Worldwide, was the first to publish reports finding mainframe computing provides a distinct economic advantage; across industries, he found using mainframe computing and reducing the number of physical servers saves an average of 14 percent. Server computing, also referred to as distributed computing, costs 33.3 percent more. IBM’s zEnterprise* System extends the System z* qualities of service to Linux* on System x* and AIX* on Power Systems* workloads, allowing companies to provide 24-7 service while staying within budgetary constraints. IBM Systems Magazine caught up with Rubin to understand how businesses can begin to measure the impact of technology all the way through an enterprise—to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), increase efficiency, drive profitability and gain competitive advantage in today’s technology driven economy–and how IBM’s newest mainframe impacts his findings. K Could you tell us how you got started in collecting IT benchmarking data? ; My interest goes back to 1982. Computers had been in use since at least 1965, and it started to become clear to me we were moving toward a technology-driven economy. At first I started organizing data to allow people to build models that estimated how long it took to build software. By the late ’80s I had a large wealth of data. My work with Richard Nolan and David Norton on the balanced scorecard 26 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - November/December 2010