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Administrator Getting the most from your systems Real-Time Systems Management a"6:Ã4HUHNLTLU[Ã -HJPSP[`Ã=$!$%ÃPUJS\KLZÃ UL^Ã^VYRSVHK THUHNLTLU[ÃHUKÃ YLZV\YJL TVUP[VYPUNÃ M\UJ[PVUHSP[` BY GI TA GRUBE BERG AND A N U J A D E E D W A N I YA I BM’s newest z/OS* Management Facility (z/OSMF), announced on July 22, provides system programmers with a modern browser-based solution for systems management. z/OS system all of the dump-related incidents across all of the produ c t s a n d c o m p o n e nt s . N o w, multiple system programmers can simultaneously log into the same z / OSM F f rom t hei r respect ive browsers and problems can be more easily addressed. You can realize tremendous productivity gain with the auto capture of key system logs along with the dump, as well as the send diagnostic data wizard that terses and FTPs the data easily from the browser-based GUI. What once may have taken 20 to 30 minutes—and required z/OS and Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS) skills to collect, package and send diagnostic data—now can take as little as 30 seconds. With z/OSMF incident log, a single click can display the list of incidents (see Figure 1, page 47). For z/OSMF V1.12 the incident log now supports parallel-encrypted FTP to IBM, which can break dumps into multiple data sets that can be sent via FTP in parallel to reduce transmission time. Specifically, incident log leverages the problemdoc ument at ion upload ut i l it y. Information on the utility can be z/OSMF addresses the needs for a mixed-skilled workforce. It enables system programmers who are new to the mainframe to be productive by providing a modern, brow ser-based U I ; automat ing tasks, thus reducing the learning curve; and embedding active-user assistance in the UI (e.g., wizards that guide users through tasks, an interactive panel and message help). z/OSMF also makes experienced system prog rammers more productive by simplifying manual, time-intensive and error-prone tasks. z/OS MF is optional for those who prefer traditional interfaces. This latest release of z/OSMF, V1.12, provides an updated incident log task, updated config uration assistant for z/OS communications server task, new workload management (policy editor) task and more. 0UJPKLU[Ã3VN The incident log task helps simplify the capture, packaging and sending of supervisor call dump and related d iag nost ic dat a. It d isplay s a consolidated list of all of the incidents in your sysplex. Today, there’s no easy way to view in one place on your 46 SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010
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Focus on Storage:  IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager Solves Security Problems and Meets New Standards
Administrator:  z/OS Management Facility V1.12 Includes New Workload-Management and Resource-Monitoring Functionality
Developer: pureXML Extends Availability and Scalability to DB2 for z/OS
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010