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Think Smarter Future-proofing your environment Balancing Business Complexity With Smarter Systems *VTWL[PUNÃ[HRLZÃ Ã LX\HSÃWHY[ZÃNYV^[OÃ Ã HUKÃYLZ[YHPU[ BY NATAL IE BOIKE complexity grows in step with opportunities. That’s why IBM designs systems optimized for the specific tasks or workloads that drive your business, delivering the right balance between increased IT performance and lower costs. Workload-optimized systems are built with a purpose in mind to deliver the best possible performance for the task at hand. IBM’s approach is to deliver smar ter systems that are integrated from the processor to the application. IBM also balances that performance with costs in packaged solutions that ensure faster time to value and greater price performance. Today’s businesses are more complex and interconnected than ever, and the infrastructure supporting them is becoming more instrumented and intelligent, says Peter McCaffrey, director of marketing, IBM Systems and Technology Group. To achieve the business performance now required, systems must be designed and optimized for emerging workloads. I n today’s quick-paced business environment, one misstep can have serious consequences, resulting in a fine line between success and failure. When business expands, IT +H[HÃ4HUHNLTLU[ With the ever-growing amount of data requiring processing and the velocity at which it arrives, the 16 SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010
Editor's Desk:  Not So Secret Sauce
Dashboard:  Find an Extra Day
Think Smarter:  Competing Takes Equal Parts Growth and Restraint
Data Display:  Privacy:  Who Do You Trust?
Insider:  Untangling the Web of Processes and Technology
Trends:  System z as the Hub of a Workload-Optimized, Business Analytics Systems
Case Study: A Merger Made Easy" EmblemHealth Saves Money By Easing into an In-Sourced Computing Model
Expanding Beyond Borders:  IBM zEnterprise Systems Announcement Delivers a New Dimension in Computing.
Reducing Complexity:  The Next-Generation System z Server Is More Than Just a Fast, Scalable Solution
Focus on Storage:  IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager Solves Security Problems and Meets New Standards
Administrator:  z/OS Management Facility V1.12 Includes New Workload-Management and Resource-Monitoring Functionality
Developer: pureXML Extends Availability and Scalability to DB2 for z/OS
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Stop Run:  IBM Cooling Expert Roger Schmidt Says the Positioning of Machines Matters
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010