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Dashboard News to use Find an Extra Day A study of more than 24,000 worldwide IBM employees found allowing employees to work from home resulted in additional productivity without For office-based workers, staff felt their working life started to interfere with their interfering with home life. home life after 38 hours of work a week. However, those who had flexible hours— including from home—could put in 57 hours a week without feeling such a conflict. Source: Hill, E. J., Erickson, J. J., Holmes, E. K., & Ferris, M. (2010). Workplace flexibility, work hours, and work-life conflict: Finding an extra day or two. Journal of Family Psychology, 24(3), 349-358. 10 MILLION IBM employees (past and present) have spent more than 10 million hours volunteering in more than 70 countries over the past five years through an initiative called On Demand Community. This program provides a set of resources volunteers can use, such as technology training for preschool teachers, an introduction to Web design and mentoring. TOMORROW’S LEADERS The next generation of CEOs will focus more on globalization than today’s executives, based on an IBM survey of more than 3,600 students worldwide. The results were compared with IBM’s extensive Global CEO Study. Organizations should optimize operations globally 48 % 31 % 55 % more Source: IBM Students CEOs Shift between mature and rapidly developing markets will impact organizations to a large extent 58 % % 50 % more 16 Students indicated more focus on globablization than CEOs. Source: IBM SOCIAL SAVVY The percentage of Fortune 100 companies that use four of the main social technologies (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs) 20% The average number of Facebook posts per week for Fortune 100 companies 3.6 The average number of videos one half of Fortune 100 companies upload to YouTube each month 10 Source: Burson-Marsteller Social-Media Checkup 12 SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010
Editor's Desk:  Not So Secret Sauce
Dashboard:  Find an Extra Day
Think Smarter:  Competing Takes Equal Parts Growth and Restraint
Data Display:  Privacy:  Who Do You Trust?
Insider:  Untangling the Web of Processes and Technology
Trends:  System z as the Hub of a Workload-Optimized, Business Analytics Systems
Case Study: A Merger Made Easy" EmblemHealth Saves Money By Easing into an In-Sourced Computing Model
Expanding Beyond Borders:  IBM zEnterprise Systems Announcement Delivers a New Dimension in Computing.
Reducing Complexity:  The Next-Generation System z Server Is More Than Just a Fast, Scalable Solution
Focus on Storage:  IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager Solves Security Problems and Meets New Standards
Administrator:  z/OS Management Facility V1.12 Includes New Workload-Management and Resource-Monitoring Functionality
Developer: pureXML Extends Availability and Scalability to DB2 for z/OS
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Stop Run:  IBM Cooling Expert Roger Schmidt Says the Positioning of Machines Matters
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010