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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue CONTRIBUTORS Not-So-Secret Sauce Gordon Arnold 4\ZPJÃ*VSSLJ[VY .VYKVUÃ(YUVSKÃ[OLÃZ[VYHNLà L_WLY[ÃPU[LY]PL^LKÃMVYÃ[OLà JVS\TUÃVUÃWHNLÃ'%ÃYLJLU[S`à ZWLU[ÃHSTVZ[ÃHÃTVU[OÃ[V\YPUNà *HTIVKPHÃ3HVZÃHUKÃ=PL[UHTà JVSSLJ[PUNÃUH[P]LÃT\ZPJ!Ã;OLÃHYLHà VMÃ5VY[OÃ*HYVSPUHÃ^OLYLÃOLÃHUKà OPZÃT\ZPJ [LHJOLYÃ^PMLÃSP]LÃPZà OVTLÃ[VÃTHU`Ã(ZPHUÃYLM\NLLZà ^OVÃPUZWPYLKÃ[OLÃ[YPW!à I visited one of my favorite Minneapolis restaurants over the weekend. Even though I’ve been to Hell’s Kitchen more times than I can remember, I always order the same thing: huevos rancheros. It’s one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, and when the chef published a cookbook that included a recipe for the breakfast entrée, I bought it right away. Ron Higgin 5L^Ã;LJOUPJHSÃ,KP[VY ;OPZÃPZZ\LÃTHYRZÃ[OLÃMPYZ[ÃMVYà 0)4Ã:`Z[LTZÃ4HNHaPUL»ZÃUL^à [LJOUPJHSÃLKP[VYÃ9VUÃ/PNNPU!Ã-VYà ZL]LYHSÃ`LHYZÃ9VU»ZÃMHTPS`ÃYHUà HÃO\NLÃ/HSSV^LLUÃL]LU[ÃJHSSLKà ¸.OV\SZ]PSSL¹Ã[OH[ÃKYL^Ã\W^HYKZà VMÃ%###ÃWLVWSLÃ[VÃOPZÃOVTL!à *OLJRÃV\[Ã^^^!NOV\SZ]PSSL!JVTà MVYÃKL[HPSZÃWOV[VZÃHUKÃ]PKLVZ! When I got home I realized how intricate the recipe was: For one dish you must fry a tortilla, scramble eggs, and make hash browns, a spicy barbecue sauce, black beans and a fresh salsa. I was hoping I’d be able to find some store-bought ingredients to make the process easier, but the barbecue sauce (which seasons the beans) and the salsa are so distinct they’re difficult to replicate, not to mention come together in perfect balance. When I have a craving for the dish, I take the easy route and place an order. During my interview with Paulo Carvao, IBM’s vice president of global sales, for this issue’s announcement coverage, he called the new Unified Resource Manager a secret sauce that connects the next-generation IBM mainframe (the zEnterprise* Model 196) to the Power* and x86 workloads hosted in the new BladeCenter* Extension. I couldn’t help but think about the not-so-secret sauce that makes my favorite dish so tasty. IBM is like the expert chef in the kitchen who uses his experience to create a complicated, but successful, dish. The new zEnterprise System can replace a cumbersome, multi-ingredient data center with a well-balanced and easy-to-order solution based on IBM’s signature System z* server line. For the recipe to a successful deployment, read our cover story on page 34 and my interview with Carvao on page 38. For a full menu, see the table of contents and for a list of compatible side dishes turn to our Buyer’s Guide, which is inserted at page 28. Bon appétit! Natalie Boike, Managing Editor *VU[HJ[Ã5H[HSPLÃH[ÃUIVPRL'TZW[LJOTLKPH!JVT 10 SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2010 PHOTOGRAPH BY TRAVIS ANDERSON

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010
Editor's Desk:  Not So Secret Sauce
Dashboard:  Find an Extra Day
Think Smarter:  Competing Takes Equal Parts Growth and Restraint
Data Display:  Privacy:  Who Do You Trust?
Insider:  Untangling the Web of Processes and Technology
Trends:  System z as the Hub of a Workload-Optimized, Business Analytics Systems
Case Study: A Merger Made Easy" EmblemHealth Saves Money By Easing into an In-Sourced Computing Model
Expanding Beyond Borders:  IBM zEnterprise Systems Announcement Delivers a New Dimension in Computing.
Reducing Complexity:  The Next-Generation System z Server Is More Than Just a Fast, Scalable Solution
Focus on Storage:  IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager Solves Security Problems and Meets New Standards
Administrator:  z/OS Management Facility V1.12 Includes New Workload-Management and Resource-Monitoring Functionality
Developer: pureXML Extends Availability and Scalability to DB2 for z/OS
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Stop Run:  IBM Cooling Expert Roger Schmidt Says the Positioning of Machines Matters
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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe - September/October 2010