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Stop Run An eclectic take on the mainframe world Robert LaBayne shares photos from his various trips around the world. A New Focus Travel photography gives Robert LaBayne a new way to tell stories. B Y S A R A A A S E that blank paper, and that was it,” he says. When he first picked up a camera, LaBayne was a teenager working on the high school yearbook. But there’s a twist: his family lived in Puerto Rico, a far cry from his boyhood Oceanside, Calif., home. In 1968, the year his family moved to San Juan, political agitation for independence was at an all-time high. Before Puerto Rico, LaBayne’s family had lived under martial law in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where their home could be searched at any time. “You don’t really understand the Bill of Rights until you don’t have them,” his father told him. Needless to say, absorbing these international adventures during his formative years piqued a lifelong interest in travel. After his wife of 20 years died in April 2008, LaBayne, president of CASI, a California-based provider of electronic information-delivery solutions for the mainframe, decided to combine his passions for photography and travel. Last year, he dusted off his Nikon and signed up for an African safari photography trip. “I needed a goal and something to look forward to, something to focus on,” he says. “So I decided to get into traveling and doing lots of pictures again.” The trip took LaBayne through London to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve (MMNR). There he shot 15,000 pictures of animals, of which a couple hundred amazing shots appear on his Flikr website ( photos/28497745@N03/sets). There are pictures of lions taking down a wildebeest, of a mother deer nursing its fawn, of giraffes under a tree, their necks entwined in an embrace. Other shots in a nearby Masai village capture a tribal marriage dance ceremony and the butchering of a cow. For the safari shoots, before dawn each day, LaBayne says, guides would wake them with coffee and cookies, and they would head out in Jeeps to photograph the sunrise. “It was the trip of a lifetime,” he recalls. LaBayne’s most recent trip, in May, took him to China. The photography F rom the moment he first stepped into a darkroom, Robert LaBayne was hooked on photography. “I saw the magic of how that first picture appeared from group started in Beijing and cruised the Yangtze River to shoot pictures of iconic landscapes, giant pandas and other wildlife. “I love the thrill of the hunt, so to speak, that great ‘wow’ shot,” LaBayne says. As a bonus, the trip ended in Shanghai, site of this year’s World Expo, an international exchange of ideas and development of the world economy, culture, science and technology. LaBayne’s list of other annual dreamtrip destinations includes Machu Picchu and Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and a trip through Southeast Asia. When he’s not traveling, LaBayne enjoys interacting with CASI’s customers and writing code. “Nothing is as satisfying to me as creating a program that solves someone’s problem,” he says. “And what it has in common with photography is that ‘wow’ factor that is the reward. I’m always looking for resolution, for the way to tell a story.” Sara Aase is a Minneapolisbased freelance writer. 56 J U LY/ AU G U S T 2 010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2010
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