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Solutions What’s new in the marketplace IntelliMagic Balance IntelliMagic of a storage migration. It calculates the optimal volume layout across storage resources. ¤ÃMoving data to new storage hardware I ntelliMagic Balance is used during the implementation-planning phase using IntelliMagic Balance may impact the ROI of storage hardware; according to the company, it improves service levels and reduces hardware costs. ¤Ã IntelliMagic Balance can also be also decreases the hardware requirements for the other tiers. ¤Ã Intel l i Mag ic Ba la nce suppor t s OS SUPPORT: z/OS* (all versions) PRICE: Available upon request URL: migrating from smaller to larger logical volumes. It automatically distributes the volumes according to their workload intensity for each point in time. used to implement multiple tiers of storage. This not only provides better performance for SSD workloads, but weekends. The product eliminates CDS ¤Ã Seamlessly move a CDS from the CDS Expert Mainstar Software corruption due to human and hardware error and allows users to keep vital applications active and data accessible 24-7. Customers can: ¤Ã Enlarge the size of a CDS while current volume to a new one ¤ÃSimulate the process up to the actual CDS reorganization of the CDS and force a CDS backup before any action is taken OS SUPPORT: z/OS* (all versions and CDS Expert allows users to reorganize their Data Facility Storage Managment System hierarchical storage manager (DFSMShsm) Control Data Sets (CDSs) while their applications are active, meaning this task no longer needs to be scheduled during the night or on DFSMShsm is active ¤ÃIncrease the primary and secondary allocations (eliminating the DFSMShsm messages saying the CDS is reaching its critical limit) releases) PRICE: Available upon request URL: Hiperstation 7.8 Compuware Corporation which gives users a comprehensive understanding of the use of their sensitive data ¤Ã The addition of WebSphere* MQ and ¤Ã Improvement of an organization’s capability to stop internal breaches by expanding the amount of information provided to auditors OS SUPPORT: z/OS* 1.4 and above PRICE: Variable URL: coverage and reaches into distributed environments. Additional Hiperstation 7.8 functionality allows: ¤ÃIntegration with Compuware Vantage, T he new release of Compuware Hiperstation extends application TCP/IP protocols for searching, which makes it possible to create archived recordings of production applications a nd qu ic k ly ident i f y p otent ia l ly suspicious activity 52 J U LY/ AU G U S T 2 010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition - July/August 2010
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